About Me

Hi, I am Samantha, and I love that you are here!

My cooking goes way back to when I was still a kid learning to do some kitchen chores with my mom. Helping her to chop vegetables, wash dishes, and removing the excess batter from the laddle. And in this space, I love to share all that I have learned from my mother and every other person that I have watched so that you could enjoy meals, whether they are your favorite or not, just like I do. 

Like you already know, I am a chef and that housewife who passionately makes magic in the kitchen and keeps exciting the taste buds of both families, friends, and you guys. Cooking can be stressful sometimes, as people may say, but there are just a few words to describe how comfortable cooking is for me. My excitement is usually heightened when people taste my food and reply with a “hmm” or “wow” or even an empty plate. Cooking is one of the few things I feel very much in control of. Like how I cut or dice the vegetables, meat, and every other thing that goes into my pot and, yes, even how my kitchen looks. 

Just like working in an office (well, my kitchen is my office), some pieces of equipment, no matter how little, are required to make jobs easier, right? So it is with the kitchen too. Getting the right equipment and using them appropriately in the kitchen makes cooking easier and faster and gives you an enjoyable kitchen experience. For instance, using a chopping board to dice condiments and vegetables or a whisk for whisking eggs, what about a blender. All these pieces of equipment make cooking stress less. 

Every time I create a wish list, that list is never complete unless two or more kitchen equipment pieces are included. Well, you could say I am a kitchen equipment enthusiast and a decent one at that. One of my most ideal gifts, be it a birthday present or any present at all, would be any good and quality kitchen equipment or utensil. I love to try new things in the kitchen, develop new and unique recipes. Thanks to my husband and the number one taster of all my dishes, I get most of the support I need to learn and get better every day. 

I learned most of my local dishes from my mom, but I learned from watching people and browsing the internet from the international dishes. It is one thing to practice making a meal on your own after watching someone, and it is another thing to make it perfect at the first trial. But with time and practice, you get perfect. 

But again, I would say all of my cooking could not have been this easy and perfect without the equipment and utensils I use. As far as you own a kitchen, be you a chef or just a household person, some necessary and compulsory equipment are supposed to be in your kitchen. They are like the best kitchen assistants you could ever ask for. The kitchen equipment that I fancy a lot is the microwave and refrigerator/freezer. How the microwave helps to warm up food so fast makes me want to eat anytime. I like the freezer because I can keep food products in it without being scared of spoilage (well, as long as there is a good power supply), it allows me to purchase food items and store them properly for quite a long time.

I am not only passionate about cooking and recipes, but also I love sharing my thoughts, experiences, and opinions about the different kitchen equipment out there. This I do through my blog. My blog is another place where I happily relive the times I spend in my kitchen. 

I understand how difficult it could get when you want to get the perfect and durable kitchen equipment, I have been there and will still be there. Because funny enough, new equipment is produced almost every day. Some models are easier to use than the former, and some less easy to use. But that is what I am here for, to help you go through the difficult time so that you can freely and easily get your hands on the right kitchen equipment for your use. 

On my blog, I review many kitchen equipments and provide you with my (not just mine but also bloggers alike) professional opinions on them, what they are used for, and how to use them. This does not necessarily mean that I have used all kitchen equipment types, hence the opinions from other bloggers alike who might have used the kitchen equipment I have not used. Also, I do a lot of research on these pieces of equipment and compare them. I also provide in-depth guides on how to purchase the right kitchen equipment and how to use them effectively. I could also recommend trustworthy stores, whether online or offline, to get the equipment you need if you find it difficult to get the ideal kitchen equipment. 

I test, compare, suggest and provide reviews on the top, best, premium, and budget-friendly kitchen equipment that has an almost excellent value for the money, ranging from food production equipment to the miscellaneous kitchen equipment with their pros and cons inclusive;

After so many years, I have learned to classify the different kitchen equipment into three main categories and a fourth miscellaneous category.

Food production equipment

The food production equipment includes burners, ovens, cookers, pans and pots, steamers, etc. 

Maintenance equipment

This includes microwaves, dish warmers, dishwashers, etc

Food storage equipment

This includes refrigerators, freezers, coolers and flasks, wall shelves, cupboards, plate racks, spoons, and knife holders. 

Others (miscellaneous and special equipment) 

This includes shredders, blenders, fruit fritters, kitchen knives, spoons, different types, and best sets, etc.

Nothing gives me more joy than seeing people happy after purchasing, using, and giving, be it positive or not-so-positive feedbacks for the kitchen equipment I review or recommend. If you do follow my suggestions, please did not hesitate to send me feedback. And in case you need more help concerning your kitchen equipment, feel free to send me an e-mail or leave your request in the comment section of my blog. I promise to get back to you and give you the premium assistance you need. Your suggestions are also highly welcomed, and I hope you enjoy yourself as we hop on this ride together.