Everyone loves to have a few outside cooking sessions each year. Tailgating can be so much fun, but what’s a tailgate experience without a tailgate grill? 

Isn’t that right?

We want you to have the best tailgate grill in 2021, so we’ve compiled a list of twelve tailgate grills you can choose from to improve your grilling experience.

1. Coleman RoadTrip 285

When getting the ideal grill for tailgating, the first thing you should look for is highly portable. A portable grill is a terrific thing to have at a sporting event since it makes it so much easier to be set up and grilled quickly. This Coleman model ticks all the boxes when it comes to mobility. It has a set of folding legs that enable it to fit into almost any car. It also has rugged wheels, making it relatively easy to maneuver around on your own.

Of course, mobility isn’t the only factor to look out for before buying a grill. You should also consider how much heat a grill can produce. This model has three separate burners, each of which can produce 20,000 BTUs at full power. 

There’s more:

From burgers and hot dogs to ribs and hot wings, this amount of heat is sufficient enough to cook almost anything. Another fantastic feature of this grill is its large primary cooking area, which comes in handy for cooking a large amount of food at once. There are also side tables for your culinary supplies or cold drinks.


  • Easily transportable
  • Three adjustable burners
  • There are two side tables
  • Legs that can be folded
  • Large primary cooking area with a high BTU rating


  • Difficult to get rid of the drip tray


There is one thing to bear in mind when using this grill. There is a drip tray under the burners that must be emptied after each use, much like any other grill. This tray can be difficult to access, which makes emptying it difficult. Before you try to unload this tray, make sure the grill is precisely balanced and that it has cooled down in all directions.

2. Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense

Wood pellets are one of the newest kinds of fuel that people are using in their grills. This gasoline burns quite cleanly. Temperature management is likewise a breeze with pellets, even if it must be done manually. This model, on the other hand, makes the process exceedingly simple. 

To begin with, it has an electrical feeder system that automatically feeds pellets into the stove, allowing it to run for a long time. The main disadvantage of using this sort of fuel is it increases the weight and size of the grill. Even when the grill is collapsed, it may be hard to fit it into some smaller cars.

However, this stove’s technological capabilities do not end there. This grill also has an electronic thermostat, making it simple to set, achieve, and maintain the desired temperature. This simple temperature system makes superb grilling outcomes a breeze, allowing you to spend more time with friends and family.


  • Side tray with WiFi
  • Large kitchen area
  • A feeder that works automatically
  • A big hopper


  • Not very mobile
  • Electricity is required for the feed and WiFi to function


Of course, the only demerit of all of these modern electrical technologies is that you require electricity. Unlike the other grills on this list, this model requires an electric hookup to maximize the features.

3. Weber 10020 Smokey Joe

For a good reason, charcoal grills have been a favorite of tailgaters and homeowners. Charcoal is a convenient fuel that produces smoky-flavored, exceptionally juicy dishes. This Weber model is no exception. It can be used with griddle trays, giving you the flexibility to prepare almost any dish you can imagine.

The only major disadvantage of charcoal is that it can be difficult to start it. To get started, charcoal needs a lot of oxygen. Thankfully, this grill features four ventilation slits on the top that allow a lot of air to flow through it, allowing the charcoal to light quickly.

Once the charcoal has started to burn, close some vents to allow the grill to reach the proper temperature. This can also be a problem, especially because this model does not include a thermometer. You’ll want to buy one separately for the greatest results. While this does raise the buying price slightly, it shouldn’t be a significant issue given the grill’s low pricing.


  • Lightweight
  • Easily transportable
  • The grill is included in the price
  • Legs that can be folded and adjusted
  • Easy to assemble


  • No thermometer
  • Difficult to get started


This barbecue is well-designed, as you would expect from a reputable business like Weber. It’s pretty simple to set up and assemble. It’s also lightweight and compact, making it simple to transport to your next tailgate party, regardless of the car you’ll be driving.

4. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet

As previously stated, mobility is crucial while looking for the best tailgating grill. If you have a small car, having a small grill is very important because every space will be filled with all the tools you’ll need to have a good time when tailgating. Of all the grills we looked into, this one is by far the most portable. 

The fantastic briefcase-style carrying handle is one of the reasons behind this. This handle, combined with the grill’s lightweight construction, makes it one of the most portable grills available.

One of the major problems with smaller grills is that they aren’t always very stable. Thankfully, this model comes with extended and highly durable aluminum legs with stabilizing feet. No matter if you’re using the grill on a flat or uneven surface, these feet will keep it in place.


  • Has a carrying handle
  • Lightweight
  • Stable feet
  • On a single cylinder, a long run time is possible


  • It takes some time to get used to the controls
  • Electronic lighters aren’t always reliable


Unlike many models, which can only last for about two hours on a one-pound cylinder of gas, this grill can be used for about six hours, even when cooking on high. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for anyone trying to save money on propane.

5. Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow 205

Because of their compact size, tabletop barbecues are ideal for tailgating. The main disadvantage of these smaller grills is that they cannot provide sufficient heat for certain foods. This may make some of the dishes you want to prepare impossible to prepare. If this is you, you can try this tabletop model. While it is small, light, and portable, it is nevertheless reasonably strong. It produces 10,000 BTUs at its highest, which is rather astounding for a grill of this size.

If you’re looking for a portable tabletop barbecue, you’ll want to look for one with well-designed legs that fold up quickly while the grill isn’t in use. The legs of this type are exceptionally easy to fold up and down, making the barbecue even more portable.

The built-in temperature gauge on this grill makes reading the temperature easy. This gauge is handy because you’ll need to keep a close watch on the temperature when grilling with this model. Because it can be difficult to regulate, you’ll want to keep an eye on it to ensure that none of your food is spoiled.


  • BTU output is high
  • Legs that fold
  • Hood with a lock
  • Lightweight
  • Temperature gauge that is easy to read


  • Temperature can be slightly difficult to control
  • Top rack disrupts cooking for larger meals


One thing to remember about this grill is that it has a top rack. While this rack is useful for keeping food warm, it may obstruct your view when grilling large cuts of meat. On the other hand, this rack is relatively easy to move out of the way, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

6. Traeger Grills Tailgater 20

The Traeger Pellet Grills TFB30KLF Tailgater 20 is ideal for large gatherings, as we’ve already indicated. It does stand out as the only dual-fuel choice on the list. For cooking and grilling, you can use pellets, electricity, or both.

Notably, the ability to serve huge groups of people comes at a cost in the form of the machine’s weight. When you add that you may need to carry pellets when tailgating, it becomes even more challenging to transport. If you have a large truck or car with sufficient trunk room, though, you should be fine.

The machine’s foldable legs make it easy to store in tight locations. They should also come in handy when loading the tool into a car’s trunk. Aside from that, two of the device’s legs have wheels. As a result, once you get to the tailgating location, you can drag the barbecue on the ground.

You get an arc controller for cooking, which is a fantastic feature. It allows you to control the temperature of the machine at any time. You may choose from five different temperature settings, which should allow you to grill various items. However, the temperature must not exceed 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Meal warming mode
  • Accurate temperature regulation
  • Folding legs
  • Relatively large cooking surface
  • For fuel, it uses both power and pellets
  • Wheels are included for ease of moving


  • The grill is heavy


A meat probe is included with the grill to help you cook even better. Without lifting the lid, you may use this to monitor the interior temperature of your meats. Furthermore, there is no need to eat the dish right after you finish cooking it. The machine features a warm mode that keeps the meal warm until it’s time to eat it.

7. Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

Look no further than the Weber Q2200 Propane Barbecue if you’re looking for a propane-powered grill that will stand out at any barbecue party. With a cooking space of 280 square inches, porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates, and two folding work tables for quick and easy food prep, this portable grill has everything you need to make excellent meals on the road.

People love the Weber Q2200 because it has several top-notch features normally designed for large grills; it comes with a built-in lid thermometer, electronic ignition, and an infinite control burner valve. It uses disposable liquid propane cylinders (these do not come with the grill), and it has some high-end features mostly kept for full-size grills—we’re talking a built-in lid thermometer, electronic ignition, and even an infinite control burner valve.


  • Simple to set up and use
  • A large cooking area
  • Grates made of porcelain-enameled cast iron
  • Tables that fold out into large side tables


  • It’s a little heavy
  • The catch pan does not fit correctly


The lightweight cast aluminum shell and side handles make it a breeze to transport it to and fro your car, and the stainless steel burner produces a whopping 12,000 BTUs per hour. According to reviewers, it’s the perfect alternative for tailgating, and it’s well worth the money.

8. Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills have a lovely smoky flavor that a typical tailgate propane grill lacks, and the Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill can cook up delectable smoke-infused dishes. Because of its lightweight design and Tuck-N-Carry lid lock, this portable charcoal barbecue is great for tailgating.

This 18-inch grill has a plated steel cooking grate that can take about eight hamburgers at once, as well as an aluminum ash catcher for easy maintenance. The heat is well retained by the porcelain-enameled cover and bowl, which will not rust or peel.


  • Lid lock Tuck-N-Carry
  • Weighs less than twenty pounds
  • The ash catcher makes cleaning a breeze


  • There is no thermometer on the lid
  • The cooking grate is not hinged


The grill’s lid handle has a heat shield, and there are dampers on the inside that allow you to control the temperature. This charcoal barbecue gets rave reviews from reviewers, who say it’s the right size for about six people and hassle-free to transport to a sporting event, camping, or the beach.

9. Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

The Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Barbecue is a cost-effective option for individuals who only tailgate once in a while and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a small tailgate grill. This inexpensive grill is made by one of the most well-known grilling manufacturers, and it comes with all of the features you’ll need to prepare excellent meals before the big game.

The Go-Anywhere Grill features 160 square inches of cooking space and one stainless steel burner that produces 6,500 BTUs per hour, making it ideal for grilling burgers, hot dogs, and other tailgate favorites.


  • Reasonable price
  • A push-button controls the ignition
  • Easy to transport


  • Power is limited
  • Steel grates can be challenging to keep clean


A porcelain-enameled steel cooking grate, as well as a handy push-button ignition and glass-reinforced nylon handles, are included with the propane-powered variant. The grill’s plated steel legs can then be turned upward to secure the cover in place for worry-free transport when you’re done cooking. Overall, the grill’s tiny size and low price make it an excellent choice for your next tailgate party.

10. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200

Gas grills are ideal for tailgating because they quickly heat up and offer consistent heat. The Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 is among the greatest portable gas grills you can buy, with a cooking area of 200 square inches and 9,500 BTUs per hour. The TRU-Infrared cooking technology on this grill allows you to cook up to twelve burgers at once, resulting in juicer meats with lesser flare-ups.

The Char-Broil Grill2Go features a porcelain-coated steel grilling grate and stainless steel burner, as well as a sturdy die-cast aluminum structure, push-button ignition, and lid-mounted temperature gauge. 


  • Constructed to last
  • Flare-ups are reduced with the TRU-Infrared cooking technology
  • Delivers a lot of heat


  • It’s challenging to keep the grates clean
  • There isn’t a temperature controller


This device has been dubbed the “best fantastic grill ever” by one reviewer, while many others praise its tough build and consistent heat. Some grills also come with smoker combos.

11. Blackstone Adventure Ready 2-Burner

The Black Stone Grills Tailgater serves as much more than a grill. You can also use it as a griddle, allowing you to do more than just grilled meat at tailgating parties.

One of the many appealing features is its adaptability. You can use the charcoal grill box or the propane griddle for cooking your food. That’s right, and there’s no need to choose between gas and charcoal. You can use both at the same time. It has a total cooking area of 512 square inches and measures 52 inches by 24 inches by 38.5 inches. On the gas side, there are two burners: one is a stainless steel H-tube burner, and the other is cast iron. You can adjust the temperature of each separately from the others. It could be the best portable gas grill for tailgating for you.


  • Height is adjustable
  • On every surface, the legs are secure
  • Adaptable cooking surfaces
  • Controllable burners
  • Cooking with pots and pans on standard burners
  • This product comes with a user handbook


  • Legs are difficult to separate
  • Difficult to transport


Blackstone includes a complete user manual that explains assembly in specific detail. The user handbook will get you up to speed on the many functions. It also gives guidelines for maintenance and upkeep to maintain your Tailgater in good shape. If you are interested in affordable infrared grills, there are excellent options in the market.

12. Broil King Keg Kamado Grill

With an attachment to connect it up to your truck’s hitch, this Broil King’Keg’ is perfect for tailgating. It’s a charcoal-fueled keg-shaped grill with 480 square inches of cooking space. It measures 41 inches by 27.5 inches by 47 inches.

If you have a lot of long and large tailgate parties, this product is perfect for you. Low charcoal usage is one of the Broil King’s main advantages. Even if you’re grilling for hours, you’ll require considerably less charcoal than you think because of its excellent insulative capabilities.


  • Hooks are included on detachable side tables
  • Cooking surfaces are available in cast iron or chrome
  • Hitch-adjustable, with a focus on tailgating
  • For convenient dumping, the ash pan may be removed
  • It heats up quickly and stays warm for a long time
  • Whole chickens and turkeys can be cooked
  • Wheels are included for portability


  • Quite heavy
  • The temperature takes a long time to adjust


The Broil King Keg 5000 may be the best tailgate grill in 2021 if you love tailgating and want to smoke low and slow on the road. Most tailgaters like tongs with their grills. If you are one of such people, you can find lots of affordable options in the market.

What Are The Factors to Look Out For Before Buying A Tailgate Grill?

We’ll go over everything you need to know about finding the best portable barbecue for tailgating in this section. If you have any more questions, we have also answered a few frequently asked questions, so be sure to read through those as well. When selecting a tailgate grill, there are some things to keep in mind.

As you might expect, there are various characteristics to consider while shopping for a fantastic tailgating grill. We’ll go over all of these considerations in this section so you can make an informed selection.


There are various types of tailgating grills to choose from when it comes to getting the perfect one. The following are examples of this:

Propane  – It is one of the most used fuels for all types of grills, including tailgating grills. Propane is lightweight and easy to travel, and it burns cleanly. It’s also great for regulating heat and is simple to use. An excellent example of a high-quality propane barbecue is the Coleman RoadTrip 285.

Charcoal – Another popular fuel for tailgating barbecues is charcoal. It imparts a great smokey flavor to food, making it the best fuel source for grill masters. It can be challenging to get started, but the best charcoal tailgate grills are quite easy to use. The Weber 10020, for example, is simple to light and heat to the desired temperature.

Wood pellets – Wood pellets are a relatively new type of tailgate barbecue fuel. These pellets burn extremely clean, making them ideal for tailgating. Like the Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill, the best tailgate pellet grills will usually have a feeding system for stacking the pellets so that the grill can stay warm.

The Main Kitchen Area

The size of the main cooking area on your new grill will be determined by the amount of food you plan to cook with it. In general, the larger the primary cooking area, the more food you can grill at once.

If you have a small group and don’t require as much space, the Cuisinart CGG-180Twill suffice; however, a larger grill will be needed if you have a big group of tailgaters. In this case, the Traeger TAILGATER TFB30KLF is a good choice.

If there is a warming rack, use it. A warming rack is something else you might want to include with your new grill. You can use this rack to preserve any food that has been cooked with the grill.

It performs two distinct functions. The first benefit is that it frees up space in the main cooking area, allowing you to grill more food. A warming rack’s second purpose is to keep food warm for those who can’t eat it straight away.

The total number of burners (for gas models)

On a gas grill, the number of burners determines how many different types of food you can cook at once. You’ll be able to cook different kinds of cuts of meat to different specifications because the burners on models like the Coleman RoadTrip 285 can be set to different temperatures. This level of control will assist you in creating particularly delectable foods on your grill.

BTUs (British Thermal Units) for gas models

The amount of heat produced by a grill is measured in BTUs. The more BTUs a grill contains, the faster it will heat up, and you will be able to start grilling your meal.

If you’re hosting a large gathering, you’ll need a grill with more BTUs. Of course, the greater heat your grill produces, the more fuel you’ll require and the more expensive the grill will be.

The capacity of the hopper (for pellet models)

Pellet grills include a hopper to hold pellets that have yet to be put into the grill. You can load more fuel onto the grill with a larger hopper. As a result, you’ll spend less time fiddling with the grill and more time having fun with your friends and family. Of course, if you choose a huge hopper, it may not be easy to get the grill into your vehicle.


Because you’ll be using this grill for tailgating, you’ll want to be sure the dimensions are correct. The grill you choose should be small enough to fit in any vehicle you plan to use for tailgating. If you’re short on space, the Cuisinart CGG-180T is a great choice. Of course, if you have a larger vehicle, the Traeger TAILGATER TFB30KLF may be the better option.


Along with the dimensions of your new grill, you need to also think about how much it weighs. You don’t want to get a grill that is too heavy for you to lift into and out of your vehicle. If it’s too hefty, you may decide not to bring it with you at all, which is not ideal.

Additional Features

When looking for a tailgating grill, one of the most important aspects to consider is if it includes a table/stand. Grilling will be a lot easier with a table or stand, especially if you don’t have any tables with you because you’ll have a nice firm area for your grill. Side tables are also helpful while tailgating since they provide a location to store your grilling equipment without risking it dropping to the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of grill is best for newbies?

For beginners, the charcoal grill is the ideal option. Temperature control valves are found on both electric and gas grills. If the novice does not understand the temperature level, they risk burning their food.

Can I cook great BBQ meals on an electric grill?

To be honest, enjoying excellent BBQ cuisine on an electric tailgate barbecue is not possible. BBQ refers to a juicy, smoky flavor, whereas an electric grill does not require fire. As a result, the only way to have a perfect BBQ is to use a charcoal grill.

In a charcoal barbecue, how much charcoal is required?

The amount of charcoal used is determined by the size of the cooking area and the amount of food being prepared. If the cooking space is large and the amount of food is large, you will require more charcoal. However, for every kilogram of meat, you’ll need about 1 kilogram of charcoal.

Article Summary

The grills on the list above are the most excellent tailgate grills for everyone to use regularly. They’re all the best because of their distinct traits, qualities, and advantages.

I hope you understand why we chose these particular 12 grills for you after reading the entire article. These are simple to operate, can be transported to remote locations, and include a temperature control valve. If you are looking for the best tailgate grill in 2021, you should consider these grills.