Numerous advantages come with getting a propane grill. For a start, the equipment’s running cost is cheap. Users find it cost-friendly and can quickly get one for as low as $300. However, you would always desire the best value for your money when you get a propane grill, so that we will review the best propane grill under 300 in 2021.

Top 7 Best Propane Grill Under 300 – 2021

1. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable

The Char-Broil Grill 2 Go x200 is one of the classy designs from Char-Broil. The design results from years of culinary expertise, grilling experience of the brand, and a combination of thorough research concerning the needs and wants of individuals. This portable propane grill gives you incredible satisfaction from your backyard grilling activities.

Char-Broil x200, which weighs 20 pounds, is an affordable grill that is powered by propane. Essentially, this product is perfectly designed for grilling on the go. Side handles and high-impact frame having legs make it road-worthy. A great choice for picnics, tailgating, cookouts, and camping.

The gas grill is manufactured from sturdy die-cast aluminum and has 23.7 x 15 x 13.6 inches. The grill makes use of a TRU-infrared cooking system which eliminates the possibility of any flare-up. Infrared heating provides pretty much quicker cooking with less gas. Heat is evenly distributed, giving you more flavorful and juicier dishes every time. Also, the steel burners are adjustable, giving you control over the heat being supplied by the grill.

Essentially, the grill has an in-built thermometer that helps control and monitor the temperature. With a cooking space of 200 square inches, you could conveniently make eight big sized burgers together. The grill has an ignition button that can easily be a push to begin and a stainless-steel grate that makes your grilling come out so beautiful. The lid is also made of stainless steel; the lid and the aluminum firebox help protect the grill when moving.


  • Infrared heating
  • Easy to maintain
  • No flare-ups
  • Side handles to aid mobility
  • Durable


  • Regulator leakages


The Char-Broil has a 10-year warranty. This is an incredible feature that makes this product unique and trustworthy. Also, it is the best choice if you travel more frequently. This product, with its infrared heating, ensures your dishes are properly grilled. In addition, you would be spending less on propane because you would get your grilling done in less time.

2. Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable

Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up propane grill is one of the best propane grills under 300 in 2021 from the famous Coleman brand. The model’s name is 2000033052, and it weighs about 47 pounds. The propane grill is a high-quality propane grill with three adjustable burners providing up to 20,000 BTU in total.  

With improved burner technology, you can easily control the heat and temperature of the burners. A side can be kept sizzling hot while the other area warm. Each burner can be used independently and switched on using the push-button ignition. There is an accurate built-in thermometer that is pretty helpful regarding your cooking temperature.

For a grill with a dimension of 30.25 x 19.19 x 16.13 inches, you’d get about 285 square inches of space to perform your grilling magic. For the best performance, the grill is designed with cast iron (heavy duty) grates which are very good for retaining heat. The grates are also coated in porcelain to toughen them against constant usage and weather. 

Furthermore, since the grill would primarily be used outdoors, it has two side tables to keep sauces and utensils handy, just like other best gas grills under 300. The road trip grill has a sturdy leg with two wheels for movement and easy folding. The propane cylinder is sold separately. 


  • Built-in thermometer
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Instastart ignition button


  • Too small if you are cooking for a large crowd


The Coleman RoadTrip 285 is one of the best grills to get if you don’t want to break your bank. The grill’s performance is worth its price. Users can put the grill together in less than an hour. In addition, you have ample cooking space to perform your magic on the grill. You would agree that this is worth a purchase.

3. Cuisinart CGG-059 Propane Grill

The Cuisinart CGG-059 is an excellent choice if you search for a budget-friendly yet quality grill. Since you don’t want to get stained using a charcoal grill, this grill offers you an easy grilling exercise. Ideally, grilling is fun with the right grill in place.

Cuisinart CGG-059 weighs 10 pounds and has a dimension of 19 x 11.5 x 10 inches. The grill is lightweight and can be taken anywhere with ease. It also has a folding leg and a handle that aids storage and mobility, respectively. Primarily, it is manufactured from enameled steel and has a spacious cooking surface of 146 square inches available for use. The porcelain enamel grate aids even heat distribution across the grill. The grill features an 8,000 BTU burner with a push-button for ignition.

The Grillster portable grill is a perfect size for your steak, burgers, vegetables, seafood, kabobs, or chicken. The compact design of the grill makes it convenient to move around. It is an ideal choice for patios, decks, balconies, camping, tailgating, etcetera. Furthermore, you do not need to assemble the gill, and it can be ready to use within 5 minutes. Essentially, this grill comes in handy when you are not interested in having a large grill. You can easily lock the lid when you are done grilling.

The grill uses a drip tray. Grease and drippings can easily be collected and clean up. Ideally, cleaning the grill is pretty easy due to the porcelain enamel grate, which is dishwasher safe. Also, the flow of gas can be monitored by the gas regulator while cooking.


  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Easy to clean up
  • Lightweight and could easily be moved around; perfect for small outdoor occasions
  • 8,000 BTU cooking power
  • Durable


  • Not ideal for a large gathering


Selecting the best grill is not a function of money. Knowing what you intend to carry out with your grill is ideal in the search for one. This grill under 200 is suitable for you if you are not hosting a large crowd. It is lightweight, dishwasher safe, and can easily be moved without any assistance from friends.

4. Kismile 8000 BTU Liquid Propane Gas Grill

This is one of the best grills under 300. It would perfectly fit into your budget because it is also a grill under 100. It is best for outdoor use with friends and family with a 19.1 x 12.8 x 13.3 inches compact design. The Kismile gas grill is easy to clean. However, ensure the grill is cool enough before you begin cleaning. Also, the OFF position is where the control knob should be placed.

The Kismile non-smoke propane grill can be used to toast steaks, Brazilian picanha, sandwiches, chicken thighs, pork, barbecue, hamburgers, etcetera. Ideally, we could infer that this is one of the best bbq under 300. As mentioned earlier, it gives you the chance to have a great time with friends and family grilling a barbecue in your yard.

As an excellent propane grill for backyard parties, the 8,000 BTU propane grill uses infrared technology to heat up evenly. Ideally, the radiation technology can raise the temperature to 572 degrees within 2 minutes, and you’d enjoy quick grilling and less consumption of propane fuel.

Also, the propane grill has four wheels and a grease box. These wheels are adjustable and used to aid mobility.


  • Easy to clean
  • Wheels for mobility
  • Infrared technology
  • Budget-friendly
  • Less propane consumption


  • Not a perfect grill for a large crowd


The Kismile propane grill weighs 29 pounds and does not require the use of batteries. This makes it easy to move about apart from being budget-friendly. The grill is manufactured with porcelain, giving it long-lasting ability despite the condition of its usage. You would be paying for the best grill for just a token.

5. MASTER COOK 3 Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill

The Master Cook brand did fantastic work with this propane gas grill. It is manufactured from stainless steel, weighs 46.8 pounds, and has 27.7 x 22.7 x 17.2 inches as its dimension. All three stainless steel burners can provide you a total of 30,000 BTU cooking power per hour. The grill has a control knob that can easily be pushed and turned to start. The ignition system is piezoelectric.

The grill is designed with a stainless-steel built-in thermometer, handle, and control panel. The thermometer comes in handy when you need to roast your chicken or turkey at a specific temperature. The control knob is plated with chromium. The two extra tables on the sides are foldable, and it has large wheels that make mobility easy.

You would want to know about the cooking area. The grill has a total cooking area of 471.8 square inches. Furthermore, you have 339 square inches for your cooking with extra space of 132.8 for warming your dishes. The cooking grates are porcelain-enameled, a shot at longevity.

Master Cook 3 burner BBQ propane gas grill is ideal for outdoor grilling. Outdoor spaces like balcony, backyard, courtyard, garden, terrace are perfect spots for you to grill with this high-quality design grill.


  • 30.000 BTU of cooking power
  • Large wheels for mobility
  • In-built thermometer
  • Extra shelves for cooking tools and plates
  • Warming rack


  • Moderate build quality


For your budget, this would be the best option. The grill is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel. The grates, control panel, etcetera, are all durable. You can move the grill anywhere with its two large wheels. Owner satisfaction is certain with this affordable propane gas grill.

6. Char-Broil Classic 280 Propane Gas Grill

Char-Broil Classic 280 is considered the best 2 burner gas grill under $300. This high-quality grill provides you with 20,000 BTUs of power across a cooking space of 280 square inches. With this grill, you can treat your friends and family to a pleasant meal. That’s not all? The grill has a side burner with 8,000 BTU power capacity, best used for side dishes and sauces.

The grates are proclaim-coated, making clean-up easy because it prevents dishes from sticking to the surface. The firebox and grill lid are also made of the same material giving it a chance against bad weather. For a strong cooking experience, the grill has two durable in-line burners made of stainless steel. Also, you get better control of your heat with these burners. In addition, the grill uses the Piezo ignition that offers a reliable and quick startup. With a push-button, you can get your grill running.

The Classic 280, with a dimension of 24.1 x 45.6 x 41.9 inches, has two large wheels for mobility and two fixed legs to give it a firm stand on the ground. The grill has side shelves that allow you to make prep food before grilling and also keep your best grill tools.  

The grill comes with a manual and user guide. The guide has the information needed about the setup and maintenance of the grill. There are no batteries required.


  • 8,000 BTUs Side Burner
  • Piezo ignition
  • Side shelves and large wheels
  • Ample cooking space
  • No batteries required


  • Cheap construction


The Char-Broil brand has been in the business for a long time. They have taken time to study the current needs and wants of individuals who love grilling. The Classic 280 is ideal for any occasion. It has an attractive design that would make everyone ask about it. 

7. Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

With the right grill, exploring your culinary creativity would be much easier and enjoyable. That is why we present to you this budget-friendly grill from one of the top-rated manufacturers, Char-Broil. The high-quality portable propane grill is ideal for your outdoor grilling activities.

The 21.3 pounds Char-Broil portable 240 has a 16.2 x 24.8 x 13.3 inches dimension, giving you a beautiful cooking area of 240 square inches. Also, the single burner can generate up to 9,500 BTU cooking power. The cooking grates can accommodate between 5 to 8 burgers. The grill is built to travel and has sturdy legs that give the grill a substantial balance on the ground or table. There are no wheels due to its design; however, you can easily carry them around using the handles.

The grill is manufactured with stainless steel and is also porcelain enameled; it can withstand tough weather. With a push-button, the Piezo ignition gets started. The temperature gauge is mounted on the lid. This would give you a clue of what temperature you are grilling. The propane tank connects to the side of the grill and is sold separately, and you would have to order the 1lb tank separately.


  • Perfect for traveling
  • Piezo ignition system
  • Enormous cooking space
  • Lid-mounted thermometer
  • Lightweight


  • Loose regulator


Great choice if you love traveling, tailgating, and other outdoor activities. The 240 square inches cooking area is perfect for showing the world what you can do on a grill. The grill has a thermometer mounted on the lid.

Buying Guide – What to Look Out for When Buying a Propane Gas Grill

Although these grills are under 300, there are certain features they must have to give you a perfect experience for your grilling. Here, we would assist you with some buying tips to help you visit your online store.

1. Beyond Burgers

A regular propane grill is perfect for preparing hot dogs and burgers. However, you would want to enjoy sizzling steaks or grilling fish. When buying, consider a grill with a wide temperature range. The higher the range, the more variety of dishes the grill can cook. When choosing a grill under 300, you should look beyond just burgers.

2. Temperature Range

A good grill should be able to cook a different variety of dishes. Choose grills with a wide temperature range. Also, ensure that the grill you are getting has a built-in thermometer to help you regulate your grilling temperature. Every dish has a preferred temperature that makes the flavoring perfect, and you can only maintain such temperature using the in-built thermometer.

3. Grill Size

Checking the various grills on your online store, you would come across the different dimensions they possess. The grill size is crucial because it would determine how much food you can prepare per time. Also, it would determine how much separate cooking zone you would have to control. Now, before choosing a grill size, you would need to consider the number of individuals you’d be grilling for. Small grill size is perfect for family and friends, although you would not be able to do some advanced techniques. For a large crowd, you should opt for a grill of a large size.

4. Quality of the burners

For every grill, the burners are known to be the most replaced parts. They usually last between 2 and 10 years. Choose grills whose burners have a warranty. A warranty of 10 years would mean such burners would serve you better than one with no guarantee. Again, burners can easily be replaced when they are in bad shape.

In addition, grills come with single or multiple burners. If you were grilling for a large crowd, it would be unrealistic to go for a grill with a single burner. Ideally, you should opt for a grill with 3 or 4 burners. Also, grills with multiple burners allow you to practice advanced grill techniques such as slow roast, etcetera.

5. Infrared cooking Vs. Convection Cooking

Today, grilling has been taken to the next level through infrared cooking. Although convection cooking is still good, it has its limitations. The grill would take more time to heat up, and this could fry the food. The grill is quickly heated up with infrared cooking and can distribute the heat across the food evenly. In addition, with infrared cooking, you spend less energy getting juicer results.

6. Safety precautions

The design of a grill is something to look at from a safety perspective. Usually, a good design catches a lot of attention, and people get to speak about your grill. However, you should check out the corners and edges. We suggest you avoid grills with sharp edges and sharp metal corners. In addition, sturdy grills are ideal. A sturdy grill is more stable and would survive many grilling seasons.

7. Mobility

Lightweight grills usually have handles to aid mobility. Also, they are collapsible and can be stored easily. Much heavier grills have large wheels to assist movement here and there. However, your choice of a grill should entail where and what you intend on grilling. Wheels or side handles should be available for movement. The only exception should be if you have enough hands to get the grill carried. However, what’s the stress for when there are affordable grills with wheels and handles available.  

8. Quality of materials

If you want to purchase a grill that would serve you for a long time, you should consider the materials from which they were manufactured. Most grills under 300 listed in this review are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel or cast aluminum are the best materials for manufacturing grills that can withstand any weather and are less prone to rust. For instance, stainless steel grills would be able to conquer the weather if left for long days in your backyard. For individuals who would leave their grills outside, you should ensure you go for a stainless-steel grill.

9. Quality of grate

The quality of the cooking grate is another criterion to consider. With a porcelain-enameled cooking grate, clean-up time would be reduced drastically. These grates are durable and do not allow food to stick on them. Grilling is quite a difficult task, so if you can reduce other factors that could be tasking, why not? A non-stick grate is preferable; it is common and conducts heat perfectly.

10. Solid constructions

The construction of the grill should be solid. Also, when the grill is assembled, it should be perfect. Check the wheels, cart, firebox, and lid; make sure everything is intact. Most grills with nuts and bolts are less studier than those with welded joints. Ideally, most propane grills are put through a sturdiness test.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I safely use my propane grill?

Because you would always disconnect and reconnect the regulator, you should always check for leaks. You don’t want to set your whole grill on fire. Check the hose for abrasion, leaks, wears before each usage.

What are propane grills made of?

Propane grills are typically made from cast iron, stainless steel, sheet metal, or cast aluminum. However, stainless steel happens to be the most popular material that most grills are constructed with.

How do I maintain my propane grill?

The propane grill is easy to maintain. First, for a stainless-steel grill that has an enamel coating, you can easily do your clean-up. The enamel coating makes the grates non-stick. Ensure you clean up after every use; this takes care of any form of a build-up of dirt. Also, it prevents flare-ups, rust while using the grill.

How do I check the temperature of my grilling?

Quite a large number of modern propane gas grills under 300 have a built-in thermometer. With the temperature, you can maintain your grills at a constant temperature.

Can propane grills use charcoal?

No, propane gas grills can only make use of propane. However, some models can use both charcoal and propane as a source of power.

Is it compulsory I turn off the propane tank?

Yes, it is crucial to turn off the propane tank after grilling. This prevents any form of leaks. Ideally, this safety measure would keep you safe always.

What is a propane grill regulator?

This is a component that is part of the grill. It does a beautiful job of controlling the gas flow

Does my grill allow me to store things?

This depends on what grill you are using. Some grills come with storage space below the cooking area, which could store a few items. However, you should not keep paper, fabric, or wood near the grill, primarily when used.

Are there quality grills under 200?

Yes, there are high-quality grills under 200. A few of the products in this review are under 200. However, it is important that you do not go broke trying to buy a grill. 

How long should my burner last? 

Ideally, the lifespan of a burner should be 10 years. Most burners have a 10-year warranty. Check the information provided to know the guarantee provided by your brand. 


Now, you are confident of getting a high-quality grill without breaking your bank. These grills are affordable and available at your online store. With the best propane grill under 300 in 2021, showing off your culinary skills just becomes exciting.