Getting a reliable Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo can be challenging, especially if you have never bought one before or do not know where to get one. 

The most reliable ones are usually expensive, and the cheaper ones are generally of questionable quality. There are also several products to choose from 

For this reason, I have put this review together to help you get the Best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo in 2021 to enjoy your grilling experience. 

Whether you are looking for premium prices on your portable bbq grill smoker combo or you are on a budget, these nine grill smoker combo products mentioned in the review are some of the most reliable ones you can find on the market.

TOP 9 Best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

This Premium charcoal grill combo comes from Webber, one of the most premium grill-making brands for the best bbq grills under $200. This Charcoal grill combo is made with a Weber burger press; it is valuable equipment to have at hand. 

It can hold up to 13 burgers, making your outdoor parties much more fun and will mean even more burgers for everyone. 

This charcoal grill also has a built-in lid thermometer, which allows you to be able to regulate the temperature of your burgers to perfection. 

The grill also comes with a lid hook that you can use to hang the lid by the side of the grill to avoid the grill’s cover on the ground while in use.

Another cool feature of this grill is a lid and grill cover made of porcelain, which keeps its temperature constant. This ensures that your burgers remain hot for longer. The grill also won’t rust or peel, providing that you can use the grill in any weather and location over and over again.


  • It is straightforward to clean, and getting charcoal ash out of the grill is completely hassle-free
  • The cooking grate is hinged to help the user easily add charcoal while grilling
  • It comes with a free app that gives a 3D view of the product from how it looks from the crate to the finished product
  • A lid hook that you can use to avoid the grill lid on the ground while grilling


  • It can be quite a pain to assemble if you do not study the app in detail or you are not very handy with kitchen equipment


This is one of the best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo of 2021 you will enjoy if you have a large family or a large group of friends, and you love organizing cookouts for everyone. You will also find it cool to use if you are technology savvy, and you can read the manual on the app. 

It is a premium price grill, too, so it will set you back a fair bit. But it is good value for money.  

JJ JUJIN Charcoal Grill

This 16.5 by 11.8 by 14.6 stainless steel black charcoal grill is a very compact and handy grill for hosting your small family or your small group of friends and on your camping trips. 

Apart from its small size, which allows it to be packed with other belongings on your trip, its innovative cylinder-shaped design will enable it to retain heat for longer and to keep your grilled food fresh for a more extended period. 

Its stainless steel design makes sure that it will not rust no matter when and where it is used. The grill also has air vents that release steam when used (which makes it safe). 

In addition, a temperature gauge that allows you to be able to regulate how you want your foods cooked, and a safety lock that ensures that it can be secured when it is not in use, which is useful outdoors where bugs and critters can easily slip into an unlocked grill.


  • It is non-sticky and high-temperature resistant
  • It is light and can easily be assembled by one or two people
  • It can cook a variety of foods, and this makes it highly versatile


  • It is very small and can only serve 3-5 people at a time


If you are shopping for a portable grill that is affordable for your small family or your group of friends and will guarantee you safe, healthy cooking over a long period, then you will love this grill.

Char-Griller Pro Deluxe Charcoal Grill

This 81-pound grill is a much-in-demand grill for people who love cooking and cooking for many people. It has a wide grilling space for grilling your raw food and a decent warming space for warming your cooked ones.  

The grill’s body is cast iron, and its grill cart is heavy-duty tubular steel. This makes it capable of being used in any condition. The user can also lift its cooking grate in four sections, making it easy to put the coals in. 

This grill also comes with an easy dump ash pan that makes it easy to clean for a relatively large grill.  It also has rather large wheels to help the user take it from place to place without carrying it. 

It also includes a heat gauge for you to control the temperature, a woodside shelf complete with utensil hooks that you can hang your cooking tongs, a condiment basket, and a large bottom wire shelf.


  • It is pretty easy to clean for a relatively large grill
  • It is safe and durable, keeping your food safe and healthy
  • It is easy to assemble for a large grill


  • It is a very heavy grill, and you won’t be able to carry it around much


If you love to cook and cook for a large group of people, this is one of the best charcoal grills under $200 that will serve you well you will love this charcoal grill. It is very versatile, highly affordable too, and is good value for money. It is relatively heavy, though, so it is not for people who lack physical strength.

Ironsten Portable Small Mini Grill Charcoal

This Light grill is so small that it can sit on a tabletop. While it cannot function as the main grill, it can be a significant addition for BBQs on an outside trip or for someone alone. The grill has an A4 size stand frame that can be folded and only takes a small space when used. 

The grill is made of tested “suitable for food preparation” stainless steel and gridiron, making it safe, strong, and immune to weather and temperature. It is effortless to clean too. 

It is good value for money and multipurpose. It is one of the excellent grills you can get for under $100. You can even use it in the place of a kettle to boil water.

Furthermore, apart from the product itself, some useful accessories like a stainless-steel clamp for putting in and taking charcoal out of the grill, and a  non-slip mat, to prevent injury when using the grill, made of silicone, also come as part of the package.


  • It is mini-sized and effortless to put in your trunk or store
  • It is very versatile and can be used in place of a kettle, for example
  • It is easy to clean and resistant to weather and heat


  • It is very small and is best used as an accessory to another grill in case you are serving more than a few people


This grill is good value for money as it is very versatile, so if you are going camping alone or with your loved one, you will find it very useful. However, it is advised not to use the grill in closed or stuffy places to forestall carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Oklahoma Joe’s Rambler Portable Charcoal Grill

This model is a robust and resilient charcoal grill and is perfect for you to take camping or tailgating. The four-legged grill weighs a manageable 48.5 lbs and has a cooking space of 218 sq. inches. The grill comes with a custom-built tray to take the charcoal that it uses.

It is wide enough to cook roughly ten burgers simultaneously). In addition to this, the grill’s heavy-duty steel construction and built-in temperature gauge, and strong-side handle for easy carrying make it perfect for a small group of friends and use in the outdoors. 

The grill also has thick cast-iron grates that retain heat and ensures that food is well seared. It also has a charcoal tray that the user can adjust depending on the level of heat that they need. 

The grill has three levels of heat, high, low, and slow.), large air vents around the grill allow for good ventilation, which ensures a good air supply for combustion. The grill also has a proportionally large enough removable pan for ash storage, making cleaning the grill easy for the user.


  • The grill has handled by its sides to allow two people to carry it easily
  • The grill’s heating space is ample compared to its size
  • It also has a temperature gauge with three levels of temperature that allow you to cook your food exactly how you want to
  • The grill has a robust and solid makeup that enables it to withstand the bumps and knocks of being on the move with you


  • The grill is a bit heavy for its size and can be difficult for someone who is not physically strong to use


If you have a small family and you are looking for a portable grill that you can carry anywhere, which does not require much space, is durable, and still gives you a decent cooking space relative to its size, this is the grill for you. 

However, you should only buy this grill if you are physically strong enough and you do not mind a bit of heavy lifting, or you have someone you can carry it with, as it is pretty heavy.

ZYBYAWA Barbecue Grill

This portable foldable grill is a perfect accompaniment for your picnics, outdoor camping trips, and your BBQ with family and friends. This black grill, made with Alloy steel, only weighs only 1.6 kg, but it is 13.77 inches long, 10.62 inches wide, and only 2.3 inches high. You do not require a significant level of exertion to move it around.

In addition to this, it is pretty easy to assemble and use, plus unfolding it creates a four-corner support structure that makes the grill very stable. The grill also has independent charcoal nets with multiple vents for proper air circulation. 

It is designed to ensure that air circulates well enough to keep your grill’s fire even lit and keep your food well cooked. This improves your cooking experience tremendously.

It has a detachable grill and mesh-free ash collector to make it easy to clean.

There are some accessories to be found alongside the grill. A stainless steel barbecue clip that can withstand heat, a similar heat-resistant TPR for a comfortable grip of the grill, and a high-quality PTE glass fiber coated barbecue mat.


  • It is small and very portable, and easy to carry in your car trunk on camping trips
  • It is safe, easy to use, and weather and heat resistant
  • It comes with a lot of useful accessories


  • It is a small grill and cannot cook for many people


If you are up for an outdoor picnic, or a camping trip, or a day at the beach, this elegant, solid, and highly affordable barbecue grill is the right product for you.

Weber Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

The Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill is one hell of a multipurpose charcoal grill that can go anywhere with you.

At first sight, it can be mistaken for a tackle box for fishing due to its shape, but it is a reliable charcoal grill, and it is one of the top-rated grills for people in urban areas. It is a perfect value grill and easy to carry around and use at picnics and outdoor barbecues. 

The grill weighs a modest 14 lbs and measures only 12.2 x 21x 14.5 and has a 160 sq. in the cooking area. 

However, it has a good cooking space for its size, with an estimated capacity to cook six burgers simultaneously. It also packs a punch for durability, with a plated steel cooking grate with a Porcelain-enamelled lid and base. 

This allows the grill to retain it and spread it around; it also ensures that the charcoal grill does not rust and will not peel, and your friends don’t need to be afraid of food poisoning by peeling grill paint. 

This charcoal grill combo is also beneficial because it is a Compact and lightweight design for grilling on the go. It also has a lockable lid for hassle-free portability, and the user can easily regulate grill\s temperatures via dampers. 

The grill has to fold down legs (dual function as the lock mechanism) to be carried around easily.


  • The grill is a mini grill; it is an asset to take along on trips
  • The grill also has fold-down legs that double as a way of locking the lid; it reduces the amount of space that the whole grill itself takes up


  • The grill is excellent for cooking in small bits, not so much for large gatherings/cookouts


If you live in an urban area and you wish to enjoy the comforts of grilled burgers without the additional burden of lugging a heavy charcoal grill around, then you are better off buying this grill. 

It is safe, easy to use and store, and very efficient in spreading heat around and adequately cooking your food. With this grill, your small family\ group of friends can enjoy BBQs. However, if you are cooking for large groups, you might not enjoy using the grill very much.

BEAU JARDIN Portable Charcoal Grill

The Beau Jardin Portable Charcoal Grill is like the Weber model already reviewed in design and function. 

However, unlike the Webber model, which has three legs, this grill is four-legged and two-wheeled. It makes for better balance and ensures that your family or friends don’t get any nasty surprises when they use it. 

The Beau Jardin weighs 14 lbs and measures 18 x 18 x 28inches has a 4inch lid height. It also has a One-Touch cleaning system with a sufficiently enhanced ash catcher and a porcelain-enameled lid and bowl.

These features help the grill retain heat (and allows for your food to cook better) and ensures that it will not rust and will not peel (which makes it suitable to be used outdoors in any weather).

In addition to these excellent features, the grill also has a lid hook by its side to avoid placing the grill lid on the ground while grilling. It also has cooking grate handles that allow the user to manage or add charcoal to the grill as desired, an aluminum damper that allows for heat control.


  • The grill is lightweight and has wheels. This makes moving it about easier
  • The grill has a hook that the user can attach the lid to buy the grill’s side while you are grilling your food which means you don’t have to old it, and you can keep your non-cooking hand free
  • It has a 90 days guarantee of satisfaction, so you are not taking any risk by buying this model


  • The height of the grill can is a bit lower than many other grills

A 90-day satisfaction guarantee is a giveaway that is much frailer than most of the other charcoal grills in this review.


The Beau Jardin Portable Charcoal Grill is a good value for the money accessory if what you are looking for is if you are looking for the standard charcoal grill style. 

By size and make, this grill might not be able to take as much shoving and move around as charcoal grills in the review, but it allows you to return it if you are not satisfied within 90 days. Therefore, you have little to worry about in terms of performance.

Supsiah Charcoal Portable Grill

This mini-grill, which looks like a vintage suitcase, is a handy accessory to take on your hiking or camping trips, picnics, and barbecue with a small group of friends. It only weighs 1.74 kg lightweight (even your kids can carry it), is easy to clean, and is easy to use. It is corrosion and rust-resistant and comes in black and red colors.

Its grill grate is made of thick iron with chromium plating, making it an efficient and long-lasting grill to use. Its charcoal box is made of steel which gives it high heat resistance.

The mini charcoal grill has no sharp edges. All the edges are well polished; hence you can put it in your backpack and move around with it.

In addition to its qualities as a BBQ grill, it is also a beautiful grill with its elegant vintage design. Thus you can use it as a decoration or even gift it to someone as a precious gift.


  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around, which makes it worthwhile outdoors
  • It is easy to clean, and heat and weather resistant
  • It is beautiful and can be used as a gift because of its vintage design


  • It is very small


If you want a portable and lightweight grill for you and your small family or alone to enjoy doing your cooking outdoors, you will do well to cop this vintage elegant charcoal grill.

A Guide on How to Find Best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo in 2021

There are many reasons you may need a charcoal grill instead of an electric grill smoker combo. You might be going camping in the wilderness where you might not have access to electricity, or you might be hosting a few friends to a bbq, and it will be much harder for your electric grill to cater for them. You might also be on a budget and want a charcoal grill for under $300.

You might also want more control of the temperature of your grill to regulate the flavor of your food.  Whatever your reasons, here are a few things to think about when buying a charcoal grill combo

Ease of movement and portability

You are going for a charcoal grill combo instead of a larger grill like the offset smoker grill combo because of portability. 

Some of the reviewed grills are heavier than others, and so if you are alone or old, for example, and cannot do much heavy lifting, you are better off buying a lighter model of charcoal grill even if you have to sacrifice cooking space for it.

All the products in this review have been selected for their relative portability and how much they can fit into a small space (such as in a car on a camping trip). They are the top-rated products among their kind.

How easy it is to clean

Cooking is half the hassle of using a charcoal grill; the remaining half is cleaning it after since, unlike a gas grill or an electric grill, charcoal tends to leave ash as residue. 

Some barbecue grills can leave quite a mess after you use them, and so it is essential to check how accessible your desired model of a charcoal grill is to how it reacts to the elements. Stainless steel grills are often the best in this regard. 

Since you will be using your charcoal grill outdoors most of the time, it is necessary to check what kind of material the model is made of and how the model will react to elements, such as sunshine, rain, snow, or humidity. 

When exposed to rain or humidity, a charcoal grill that peels and rusts will be unsightly to your guests, not to mention potentially dangerous to eat food cooked on it.

How well you can regulate its temperature

Many people like charcoal grills more than any other kind of bbq grill smoker combo (like a gas bbq grill, for example) because they can regulate its temperature and ensure that their meat is cooked as they want it. 

Most of the alternative grills tend not to distribute heat evenly to all parts of the grill. Therefore, before buying that Charcoal grill smoker, ensure that it (1.) retains heat properly and (2.) has temperature controls that allow the user to control how much heat they want in their food. 

All the products in this review have been selected for the way they retain heat and have temperature controls. That is why they are the Best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combos in 2021          


Do I need to be a professional to put together my charcoal grill combo?

Most of the grills are pretty easy to assemble. They come with instruction manuals in case you are having problems with them. One of them, Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill, even comes with an app that shows you how to put the grill together in 3D. 

Are charcoal grills superior to electricity grill combos?

It depends. They are more versatile and are more suitable for use outdoors where there is no electricity. However, most people like them because they offer more control over temperature and heat retention for the user.

How much lump charcoal is it advisable for you to use for food with a charcoal grill smoker combo?

 It depends on the kind of food that you have to put on the grill. Most of the reviewed products retain heat very well, so you might not need to use a lot of coal; however, do not forget that the more coal you use, the hotter the fire, so you decide to a couple more in to get it more desirable is totally up to you.

Do the metal legs and the bottom of it get hot? Can you put the grills on a glass table?

The metal legs will not get hot, and the grills can be put on the more portable and lighter models on any surface. However, one must be careful about the surface that one puts the heavier models on. 

It is not also recommended that the charcoal grills be moved while in use, especially for the heavier and less portable models.

Can I use Grill tongs with my portable charcoal grill? 

It is always advised to use grill tongs while using any kind of grill combo. Check out the best type of grill tongs.


In this article, I have reviewed the Best Charcoal Grill Smokers currently available in the market, paying particular attention to 9 of the highest quality and value for the money products. I discussed their characteristics as well as their strong points and weak points. I also gave a guide as to what to look out for a while buying Best Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo in 2021