Asian cuisine is fast gaining popularity the world over. A few dishes readily come to mind in this context. The dumplings, shrimps, sushi, seafood, and a host of fried meats. Asian delicacies are incredibly rare and unique, with the inclusion of a whole lot of healthy choices. 

However, at the core of all these is the steaming of food, with a good steamer. This article aims to preview some of the best options in the market in a bid to allow you to make excellent buying choices.

Here Are the Top 5 Best Bamboo Steamers – 2022

VonShef Premium 2 Tier Bamboo Steamer

For starters, this is one of the best Asian cookware you can make use of in steaming your favorite delicacies while getting the best out of them. This bamboo steamer set can be used to steam rice, fish, vegetables, or anything in the lines of that. 

It is made naturally from bamboo, then coupled with metal edges to improve its sturdiness and durability. It is a bamboo steamer that helps to retain the nutrients, color, and texture of your food. One of the best Chinese bamboo steamers you can find out there. And if you want to add the Chinese feel to your food so bad, this is one of the choices to really consider. 

It can be used with a pan, a stockpot by simply placing water in the pan and then placing the steamer in the now hot water. It is also water resistant and very suitable for the steaming cooking process. It is a two-tier steamer that retains steam in the steamer. 

It comes ready with some extra white parchment papers to make the cooking process as seamless as possible. A click on the link provided would show a pictorial description of this steamer. It has some stainless-steel rings, which helps to prevent the pot into which it is placed from burning the steamer. Overall, the Vonshef brand is one of the best bamboo steamers you would find out there. 


  • It is made from water resistant bamboo wood. A manufacturing choice that is sure to improve its durability
  • It is the best for cooking those Asian dumplings, you so much love
  • It comes with some extra additions such as chopsticks and a sauce dish in some other instances


  • The bamboo weave on its lid may come off sooner than you think. So, if you are one who is big on having a sizable lid at all times, maybe you should reconsider
  • When cooking with this, due to its stainless-steel edges, it might get hot, and you might have to handle it with care


The Vonshef bamboo steaming set is a great choice for beginners who just want to start trying out Asian cuisines. And it is ideal for many Chinese meals so that It might be your best bet. Its stainless-steel edges afford durability, but it might also be tasking when cooking with it. 

In all, it is a great bamboo steamer, which also comes with some extras such as chopsticks and a sauce dish in some other instances. 

Zoie + Chloe Bamboo Steamer Basket

If you love everything natural. Living a carbon-neutral or trash-free life is ideal for what you chose, then this bamboo steamer is ideal for you. In addition to helping, if you need to prepare meals free of any added chemicals, this steamer seems to be the only one with reusable, washable cotton liners. 

This might not sound very clear, as mesh liners were mentioned in the final product reviewed. But washable cotton liners are what is referred to in this context. Although they are the standard, the waxed paper liners can sometimes melt or disintegrate into the wood used for the construction of the bamboo steamer. Hence the need for cotton types can easily be washed with the rest of your laundry and used for a more extended period. 

The Zoie + Chloe steamer is traditionally built, with the only bamboo being used in its constructions. It is common to find metals or some adjoining wires in similar items, but none is present in this. It is about 1.5 inches deep and about an inch lesser than conventional steamers. 

Due to this shallow nature, it is highly recommended that this bamboo steamer is only used for low-profile meals such as Shumai, Veggies, and foods which would not stick to the lid or the tier above it. 


  • It is Eco-friendly, minimizes waste, and it is easier to clean up
  • The cotton liners which come with it are tightly woven, and they don’t tear if adequately maintained
  • It is available in eight- and ten-inches diameters
  • A domed lid helps to trap the steam, sealing in the food’s moisture and nutrients
  • Built with highly sustainable bamboo, two stackable baskets with no metals or wires at all


  • It has a shallow basket depth
  • Cannot be used in cooking just any food. This limits its capacity
  • The washing lines which come with it take longer


If you are one of those who love to go all-natural with food preparation, no added chemicals, and want that eco-friendly pack in all its entirety, this may be the right choice for you. It also comes with some extra cotton liners that are entirely different from the mesh liners you might have been used to. 

It has a shallow basket depth and may not be suitable for serving a large group of people.  It is best for the groceries and some others. It might be selective in the food you can use it for. 

The Joyce Chen Bamboo Steamer

When it comes to steaming vegetables, one of its benefits is that it retains its nutritional value by preserving a more significant proportion of the antioxidants they contain. Constituents that might have been otherwise boiled away if cooked any other way. 

If you love to eat fresh, this bamboo steamer is one for you. You can quickly steam your vegetables and also prepare some juicy dumplings. This bamboo steamer was solely designed by the world-renowned chef Joyce Chen; it is a Chinese bamboo steamer. 

The Joyce Chen bamboo steamer is designed with three tiers, making it possible to cook multiple foods at once; talk about versatility. However, one thing to note is that when using this bamboo steamer, and you want to check if your steamer still has some water inside, be careful when removing the steamer.

And you can do this by using a gauntlet to avoid the heat from the cooking steamer. And in situations where the food being cooked requires more water, you can add some more water gently and place the steamer back on fire. 


  • This bamboo steamer comes with two stackable baskets, which are made of woven bamboo, allowing you to cook more than one food at once
  • Well suited for cooking vegetables as it retains the antioxidants, a healthy constituent of most veggies
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is appropriately constructed, and its durability is one of its key selling points
  • Cooks fast too


  • There are lots of splinters in the bottom ring
  • This poor bottom design does not allow for the room to expand as a result of the steam and heat
  • If you decide to store this bamboo steamer wet, it might become mouldy in the long run


If you are a vegetarian or would love to get more out of your veggies and related foods, this is good. It comes with two extra stackable layers, making it three layers that can be used to steam three different meals simultaneously. Talk about its versatility. 

One thing about this bamboo steamer is that its storage has to be a priority. It should be stored dry for durability because if stored wet, mold growth on its surfaces will be encouraged. 

Helen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Food Steamer

Steaming is a cooking method that should be considered in making some of your favorite recipes. In recent times, the idea of meal prepping has continued to soar in terms of popularity.  New recipes are also being continuously developed to make cooking more straightforward; even the idea of cooking in bulk is daily being made comfortable. 

This is where the idea of making use of bamboo cooking steamers comes in, as most of these recipes only end up being sauteed or roasted. This two-tier steamer from Helen’s brand makes food prepping all easy. It comes in different sizes, so you can easily pick that which suits your fancy. This product also comes at a relatively affordable price. It is a cheap bamboo steamer, considering the number of cases that happened. 

It has the full capacity of cooking an entire week’s supply of veggies, proteins, and grains. Unbelievable right? Previous users have attested to this claim, so it is easily verifiable. It is a large bamboo steamer, and the vegetables prepared in it remain crisp and would not get all mushy before you are done with consuming them. 

This bamboo steamer is made from a 100 percent natural bamboo material, and this makes the flavor of the food better in the long run while preserving its existing vitamins and nutrients. It can be used by placing it in a pan containing boiling water. So, when the water boils, the steam goes through the racks of the steamer, making your food all warmed and fully prepped. 


  • With all the features, it comes at a good price
  • It is made with the ideal material for versatility and durability
  • It can be used to cook many different foods
  • It is aesthetically appealing, a lightweight product
  • It offers quick and efficient cooking


  • Its steamer may fall apart after using it for some time
  • Features a poor lid construction
  • It May get cumbersome if packed full of food
  • There is no metal in its entire makeup to protect the core wood
  • Offers fewer texture differences between the meals


When it comes to Helen’s 12-inch bamboo steamer, one thing should endear potential users to its serving capacity; its deeps baskets make it out as one with which you can steam different foods simultaneously. 

Its construction with only bamboo is natural but with no metal to protect the wood. This might be a factor to consider when going to get one. It can only get heavy if packed full of food. It does not add texture differences to your food, so if you think of preparing certain food ingredients differently, this is your best bet. 

Trademark Innovations Bamboo Rice Steamer

This company aims to offer the best cooking utensils at the best of prices, and the bamboo steamer is not excluded. Due to the convenience, simplicity, and energy-saving advantage, it offers up for consumers. The secret to a smoking hot plate of delicious dumplings is in how it is made. 

A good bamboo steamer makes that possible, as it not only cooks the dumplings in the best way possible. It also keeps them moist and soft for your delight. To get the best out of this steamer, line the bottom of the steaming basket with liners and your favorite veggies. 

The trademark innovation bamboo steamer is about ten inches wide and two steaming levels with a matching domed lid to go with it. Due to this design, users have attested that delicious dishes are easily generated while preventing the exclusion of unhealthy oils. 

It is made from 100% bamboo, making it a natural product in all its entirety. To keep it durable and long-lasting, you must use warm water to sanitize it after use. Do not forget to clean it by hand, as it is not dishwasher safe. 


  • This bamboo steamer does not drip water back into the food. The issue of condensed steam from hot food has been resolved
  • A right quality product with sturdy construction
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It is the perfect size for most of the meals you intend to make
  • Made of 100% natural bamboo


  • Its bottom may not be that smooth
  • It may sometimes ooze an odd scent, especially after it has been in use for sometime
  • The handle on its lid is small


The trademark innovation company is an authority figure in manufacturing utensils, making cooking easier in the long run. Bamboo steamers are not left out in this, as the trademark company cared to make one 100% natural, all made with bamboo. 

It can cater to more than two or three people, and it is advised for great cooking, you line the bottom with liners before adding your favorite vegetables to be steamed. 

What is a bamboo steamer, and what is it used for?   

By now, we take it that you are familiar with Asian cuisines, and you would be getting a bamboo steamer to dig into the many delights they have to offer. With the steaming method, the standard method of cooking most Asian delicacies, you do not need additives like oils and fats.

In the contemporary world and some western settings, the bamboo steamer may be strange. Originating from China, they allow you to go back to the basics. It is a cheap option to add to your kitchen. 

Steamers are made with trays or layers with a perforated bottom. Designed in a way that positions the food above water and not inside the water. And if you can master the act of using one, especially the best Chinese bamboo steamers. 

Buying Guide: Choosing the Best Bamboo Steamers 

As it is the sole aim of this compilation to positively influence your buying decisions, before deciding to get one, here are the following things to consider. 


As discussed earlier, steaming your food is one of the healthiest ways to cook food. And the materials used to make these steamers play a significant role. When shopping, go for the bamboo steamer made of 100% natural bamboo and also BPA-free. 


The bamboo steamer is not that which you want to use for once and discard. This is why you need to go for one which offers you quality and durability. One of the ways of checking if the bamboo used in making your bamboo steamer is ethically sourced. Although, premium bamboo steamer brands offer their prospective users’ warranty. 

The Size  

It would be best if you consider the serving capacity of the bamboo steamer you want to get. If you live alone or live with others, you need to consider size, as it is one crucial factor. For a small family, a 2-tiered steamer which is just 10 inches in diameter, should be more than enough. 

While for a large family, consider going for bamboo steamers of at least 12 inches in diameter. A multi-storied steamer at that which can still accommodate some other layers. 


Due to most bamboo steamers made of all-natural bamboo, they can be dishwasher safe or not. However, a cleaning method that has been proven to improve your new bamboo steamer’s shelf life is handwashing them when necessary. To prevent molding or discoloration, do make sure it is thoroughly dried before you store them away. 

The Lid  

for a start, you need a sturdy, good quality lid to improve the quality of the food being prepared. A good quality, the fitting lid would certainly prevent food from steaming, allowing the food to cook faster. If the lid also has a ring on it for easy lifting, we have to make sure the ring is safely and firmly attached. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  

Is the bamboo steamer better than a metal one?   

There are inherent advantages in the use of both metal and bamboo steamers. The only difference being that bamboo steamers absorb all of the condensations without dropping them into the food. A metal steamer might do just that. 

How Do you clean a bamboo steamer?  

The best way of cleaning a bamboo steamer, since it is not dishwasher safe in the first place, is first to allow lukewarm water to run over it. You can also decide to soak it in a large pot of water for at least eight hours. 

This can be time-consuming; I must say at this point. You can also decide to steamer dry it for about two (2) days before storing it to prevent the growth of mold or mildew. 

Are Bamboo Steamers healthy?  

At this point, we would leave you to respond to this question.  The art of steaming food might be an ancient practice, but it is the best way of cooking if you want to retain your veggies and other meals in the steamer. A good bamboo steamer would sure allow for the food’s nutrients and flavor to be retained when cooking. 

Finally, Asian cuisines are gaining massive strides in terms of their popularity. Then, coupled with the need to make healthy food choices, this review has been done to highlight some of the best products on the market, their standout features with the inclusion of their pros and cons. 

This is done to influence your buying decision positively, so when next you are out there looking for this cooking utensil to add to your kitchen, you know what to look out for. So, you get value for money spent. 

Must I always make use of a bamboo steamer?  

Sometimes, deciding to steam your favorite vegetables does not compulsorily require the use of bamboo steamers. If you need to make a simple side dish, you might not need to whip out your bamboo steamer and go through all the processes of making use of it. 

No steamer basket, no issues at all. You already have many tools in your kitchen to handle this simple cooking. There is no single way to doing something so that you could make use of a metal strainer, a wire cooling rack, and even splatter screens can come in handy.