As one of the essential kitchen appliances, a toaster oven does quite a lot, and there is no doubt about that. But as functional as it is, no one would be interested in spending more than $50 to acquire one, right? Well, for homeowners out there looking to get one but are not willing or interested in going too far with their budgets, here is a quick guide on the best toaster ovens under $50 in 2022 available on the market.

Top 7 Functional Toaster Ovens Under $50 Reviewed 2022

1. Elite Gourmet Personal Toaster Oven

For single homeowners, RV owners that not only want something personal but have little to no space at all in their apartment, recreational vehicle, and room, the Elite Gourmet Personal Toaster Oven fits the necessary description, plus it is what we call a toaster oven lowest price kind of qualification because the price range for it is insanely low compared to its high-quality functions and features. 

As it is tagged, it is the personal kind of countertop addition made solely for you with functionalities and features that back it up. Its dimensions are quite personal, too, with a total weight of 4.79 pounds, being 8 inches wide and 6.75 inches tall for starters. It’s a real compact toaster oven that can comfortably fit in 2 slices of toast and probably a 6 inches long pizza. Made from metal, it is quite solid for a tiny little personal toaster oven, but it looks fabulous on a kitchen countertop with its classic outlook and design. 

Concerning its functional features, it has lots of features and functions to look out for. To begin, it features two easy-to-control knobs that control its temperature and functions, and it comes with three functional cooking capacities of baking, toasting, and broiling. It comes with a 15-minutes timer that features an automatic shutoff and a ready bell signal to make it even nicer. 

On the plus side, it features tempered glass at the door for more durable functionality, and it also has a cool-touch handle for safe handling. And as a special add-on, it comes with a pan for baking and broiling and also a wire rack. 


  • It is compact and versatile
  • It offers 3 useful cooking functions
  • It features a 15-minutes timer with automatic shutoff and ready bell signal
  • Its door is made of tempered glass for durability
  • It is easy to clean


  • Due to its small size, it cannot fit so many things


If you are looking for a toaster oven that spells personal and easy with every single feature, the Elite Gourmet Personal Toaster Oven is the best choice for you. It saves space with its compactness, it’s highly functional, and it is also safe and durable, thanks to its cool-touch handle for safe handling and its tempered glass design. For personal, single home cooking on a healthily low budget, it is highly advised. 

2. Dash DMTO100GBAQ04 Mini Toaster Oven

Aesthetically bright and beautiful, highly functional, and super compact, these are some of the words that conveniently describe the Dash DMTO100GBAQ04 Mini Toaster Oven. It is not your regular-looking toaster oven, but it does everything a regular-looking toasting toaster oven does and even more.

Look-wise, and dimension-wise it already has a secured spot in the category of cute, with its total weight at 4.27 pounds, being 8.99 inches wide and 8.98 inches tall. Its dimensions can comfortably fit small portions of toasts, paninis, cookies, bagels, and pizza. It’s made from metal which makes it quite durable, and its unique and beautiful coloring and unique design make it stands out on the kitchen countertop in the unique way possible. Plus, it takes little to no space that’s to its compact and minute size. 

It comes packed with many unique functional features that make it even more appealing in terms of features. First, it is quite spacious despite its long rather than wide classical look. Although it has only one control dial, it still functions perfectly to regulate the temperature and functions of the toaster oven to give you your toasts and meals just the right way you would love it. It also features an automatic shutoff which helps to prevent it from overheating or from your food burning once done. 

In terms of cleaning, it is an easy peasy one to clean as all its inner items, from the baking tray to the oven rack, and the crumb tray is easily removable and dishwasher safe for a spotless cleaning, while the rest of the toaster oven can be wiped clean with a kitchen towel including the viewing glass. 

The extra add-ons from the manufacturer come with a baking tray, an oven rack, a crumb tray, a recipe book, and recipe database access. All in one compact and lovely package.


  • It is very compact and aesthetically appealing
  • It has great functionality
  • It features an automatic shutoff
  • It is very easy to clean thanks to its removable parts and easy to wipe surfaces
  • It comes with lots of extra add-ons


  • It has limited functional buttons
  • Due to its minute size and design, it cannot fit so much


If you are looking for the toaster oven to give your kitchen that cool and modern outlook with a sprinkle of high-level functionality and compactness, then all you need is the Dash DMTO100GBAQ04 Mini Toaster Oven. Super unique and chic, it does all that bigger and more conventional toaster ovens can do, plus it has awesome extra features that make it appealing as a home appliance and also as a gift to anyone. 

3. Brentwood TS-345B Toaster Oven

For handy, easy to control, and functional cooking, you need a toaster oven that allows you to do it all without stress and without taking up space on your kitchen countertop and, of course, without leaving a huge space in your bank account. With Brentwood TS-345B toaster oven, you can get all of that and more. 

When you consider your kitchen space, this toaster oven fits the right spot you have designated for it with its overall weight at 6.19 pounds, 9.5 inches in total width, and 8.5 inches in height, perfect for any kitchen countertop (it can fit 4 slices of toast or 9 inches pizza). Considering its make, it is made from stainless steel, which makes it durable and a long-term occupant of your kitchen, and with its color, it blends well and accentuates your overall kitchen decor. 

In terms of its functionality, it is considered to be simple yet highly functional. It comes with two handy control buttons that regulate the function and temperature of the toaster oven, and it has 3 functional cooking capabilities of toasting, baking, and broiling. It also features a 15-minute timer with automatic shutoff to ensure that your meals don’t overcook. 

Aside from that, it possesses special 2 piece quartz heating elements and is quite easy when it comes to cleaning thanks to its crumb tray. 

As add-ons, it comes with a baking tray and rack and a viewing window to monitor all your cooking.


  • It is durable
  • It is spacious, able to fit in 4 slices of toast or a 9 inches pizza
  • It has great control features
  • It has 3 useful cooking functions
  • It has a special 2 quartz heating element for even heating


  • It has limited functional buttons


For homeowners needing something practical and compact to replace the oversized kitchen oven with corresponding functionalities, the Brentwood TS-345B toaster oven is a perfect choice. It comes with great features and functions like its easy to clean feature, automatic timer shut off, stay on functions, and others. It appropriately fits in the toaster oven lowest price category with its pocket-friendly price tag. 

4. Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven

Compact, with beautiful outlook and aesthetics and highly functional. These are the words that fully describe the Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven. As a very popular brand of a toaster oven, there is no doubt of its functionality. 

In terms of dimensions and size, the Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven is quite compact and well-fitting, with a total weight of 5 pounds, 15.47 inches wide, and 8.3 inches tall. It is built to fit comfortably a 9” pizza and 4 slices of bread with these dimensions. Considering these dimensions, it is compact enough to fit on a kitchen counter without taking much space while still being as functional as a larger oven. Made from stainless steel, this toaster oven is quite strong and comes with assured durability, and with its color, it compliments any kitchen counter. 

In terms of functional features, the Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven has it in excess. To begin, it comes fitted with the Even-toast Technology, which ensures that irrespective of the location of the bread or pizza, there is an even toasting on all sides. To augment that, it comes with 4 cooking function capacities of bake, broil, toast, and keep warm. It also features a 30-minutes cooking timer with a stay-on function for longer baking tasks and comes with a precise toast timer with shade options.

As extra add-ons, this toaster oven comes with a baking pan and a broiler rack. And in terms of cleaning, it comes with a removable crumb tray that holds most of the crumbs, grease, and other things that might get it dirty. Asides from that, it comes with a viewing window from where you can monitor your baking without having to open it. 


  • Super compact and lightweight
  • It has decent space, with enough room to fit a 9” pizza and 4 slices of bread
  • It is easy to operate with its easy control
  • It comes with a special Even-toast technology
  • It has 4 useful cooking functions


  • When heated, the entire body gets hot, and that could be dangerous. Advisable to use oven mitts when operating


In need of a compact-sized and highly functional toaster oven on a tight budget, then with Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven, you have your solution. Asides from being spacious, it comes with other cool features like the Even-Toast technology, cool functions, extra add-ons, and of course, it is quite easy to clean and maintain. Plus, you don’t have to open it now and then check your cooking progress, thanks to its viewing window.  

5. COMFEE’ Toaster Oven

When it comes to kitchen appliances that bring comfort and high-level functionality, Comfee has always been there to provide such. As the manufacturer’s name implies, it is all about your comfort and satisfaction, and that is what you get with the COMFEE’ Toaster Oven. 

Everything about the COMFEE’ Toaster Oven is compact and comfortable, and the toaster oven is a perfect example of that. In terms of dimensions, it weighs a total of 7. 78 pounds. It comes 13 inches wide and 10 inches tall. With such dimensions, it is obvious that it would undoubtedly fit and sit comfortably on your kitchen counter without you even noticing that it is there with how compact it is. It can comfortably fit in 4 slices of toast or a 9 inches pizza in terms of capacity. 

In terms of functional features, it has more than enough, way beyond its tiny compact size. For starters, it offers 3 available cooking options of baking the likes of muffins, toasting waffles, and broiling the likes of meats and vegetables. Aside from that, it features two easy-to-use functional dials to control temperature and cooking modes without stress and at the right point. 

There is also the precise 30-minute timer that features a stay-on mode allowing for a longer baking time. And, what’s more, you can select the size of toast you want to get the perfect toast. It comes with dual high and low racks for comfort when cooking and to fit in bigger items, a viewing window to monitor your cooking. It comes with a Nonstick, detachable crumb tray located right underneath the toaster oven, making it super easy to clean. 


  • It is very compact and sizeable
  • It is super versatile with 3 useful cooking functions
  • It is quite spacious for a compact looking appliance
  • It is easy to clean thanks to its non-stick detachable crumb tray
  • It comes with a viewing window to monitor your cooking


  • Due to its compact size, it cannot fit many things simultaneously
  • It does not come with extra broiling or baking pans


For homeowners in search of something compact for their small apartment, COMFEE has them covered with the COMFEE’ Toaster oven. With its versatile design and functionality, you are guaranteed great useful features which span from cooking to baking and even more. With its adequate 1000w power outlet, you are guaranteed a very powerful and handy appliance to make your cooking easier on a daily.  

6. Hamilton Beach 31344D Toaster Oven

In the category of best toaster ovens under $50 in 2022, the Hamilton Beach 31344D Toaster Oven is a great choice for homeowners who are looking for something compact, versatile, and also very functional in every sense of the word. 

Considering its dimensions, this easy-to-use and compact toaster oven weighs a total of 10.38 pounds, 16.12 inches wide, and 11.93 inches tall. These specifications make it wide and spacious enough for it to fit nicely on the kitchen counter while holding up to 4 slices of toast or 9 inches of pizza within it. Make-wise, it is made from stainless steel, making it durable and resilient for any cooking activity you might put it to. 

Aesthetics-wise, the manufacturer Hamilton Beach put a great deal into the easy-to-reach design that comes with a roll-top door, which is not your conventional and classical-looking toaster oven.

In terms of its features, it comes with a variety of them. One of which is its easy access to countertop thanks to its roll-top door that rolls up and allows you to access the toaster oven straight away. There is also the 3 cooking functionality it offers: baking, toasting, and broiling, which make the preparation of your home meals super easy. Then, it comes with a 30-minutes timer with auto-shutoff.

Again, the manufacturers of this toaster oven considered the ease of usage when they included the easy-to-grip contour knobs, which add to its safety and efficiency. And in terms of cleaning and maintenance, it is all easy peasy with a front-access crumb tray that makes cleaning easier, and there is a plus, the roll-top door is removable, just like the crumb tray to get all stains from grease, cheese, and other food stains away by washing it. Plus, the roll-top door allows for viewing while cooking. 


  • It is quite durable thanks to its outer stainless steel make
  • It has a unique roll-top door that allows for easy counter access
  • It has easy to operate controls with easy to grip contour knobs
  • It features a unique 30-minutes timer with an automatic shutoff
  • It has 3 useful cooking functions


  • It does not come with an even toasting feature
  • It does not come with extra baking and broiling pans


In terms of aesthetic and functional efficiency, the Hamilton Beach 31344D Toaster Oven takes a top spot. With its super unique roll-top door that allows for easy reach and is detachable to clean, you never have to worry about getting your toaster oven dirty as cleaning is easy. Asides from that, it is super easy to use, and it is a top contender when talking about the best budget toaster. 

7. Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven

For homeowners in need of a toaster oven that is functional, economical, and also energy-saving, and within a low budget of less than $50, then their answer lies in the Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven & Pizza Maker. This toaster oven comes with everything and a little more. 

Dimension-wise, it is quite fitting of the word compact, weighing a total of 7.33 pounds, with 11.5 inches wide and 8.4 inches tall. It has the spacious capacity to comfortably and easily fit in 4 slices of toast, or 9 inches pizza with these dimensions. And this makes it compact enough to fit on a kitchen counter without taking up too much space while functioning optimally and perfectly. In terms of its make, the Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven & Pizza Maker is made from stainless steel, making it quite durable and resilient for all the cooking and toasting it does. Plus, in terms of aesthetics, its silver-like color allows it to complement any countertop.  

Features-wise, the Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven & Pizza Maker has its primary feature of being time and energy-saving. Unlike many other toaster ovens, it uses about 75% less energy and is 28% faster than your typical kitchen oven when it comes to reheating precooked frozen foods. Also, it has 3 cooking functional capacities of toasting, baking, and broiling, which it does with ease and in minutes. It features easy-to-use controls, which allow for better regulation of temperature and function. Plus, it has a 30-minutes timer that features an automatic shutoff and ready bell. 

As add-ons, it comes with its pan and has two rack positions which allow for better control of the heat and speed level of pre-heating and defrosting. And not to forget its viewing window, which makes the baking of muffins and pizza easy as they can be monitored from the outside without opening the oven now and then checking its progress. 


  • It is quite durable thanks to its outer stainless steel make
  • It is very efficient with its energy and time-saving feature
  • It has easy to operate controls
  • It features a unique 30-minutes timer with an automatic shutoff and ready bell
  • It has 3 useful cooking functions


  • It does not come with an even toasting feature
  • It is not so easy to clean as it does not feature a bread crumb tray


The Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven & Pizza Maker takes the lead with its time-saving and energy-saving features in terms of technological efficiency and versatility. Asides from that, it also features other cool kinds of stuff like its viewing window for easy baking and cooking of the likes of muffins and pizza. When considering a toaster oven for easy-to-make, small and quick meals, this is your go-to toaster oven. 

Buyer’s Guide 

Available Space

The main idea behind a toaster oven is getting something that occupies less space compared to a full-sized kitchen oven and still performs the same functions as the oversized oven. Now when considering a toaster oven, always think of the space available in your kitchen. True, all toaster ovens are relatively small and compact, but some are more than others. 

Once you decide to get one, make sure you consider the space available in your kitchen so that you will get the one that properly fits that space. 

Control features 

When considering a toaster oven, you want to consider its heat generation level and how to control it to suit your specific taste effectively. You do not want to have your meals overcooked or unevenly cooked. Once you can purchase a toaster oven, check out the control features, how efficient they are, the temperature range it has as output. 

Inner Capacity 

Another vital feature to look out for in a toaster oven is the inner capacity. How many slices of bread can it take at once? How many inches of pizza can fit into it at once? How many meals can I cook in it at once? With these specifications, you can easily figure out if you want a mini-toaster oven for just one person or if you are going for the regular-sized one or the larger-sized ones. It is all about your comfort and needs. 


What can I do with a toaster oven? 

There is a lot one can do with a toaster oven as its primary purpose is to replace the usually oversized regular kitchen oven, it has and performs a variety of functions which include baking of cakes, muffins, pizza and so on, defrosting of meals, broiling of meat and vegetables, toasting of bread to various degrees of brownness, amongst other things. 

Can a toaster oven toast bread? 

Yes, one of the primary functions of a toaster oven is to toast your bread to your desired brownness level. Some toaster ovens even come fitted with special features to give you the exact kind of toast you want with the press of a button or the turning of a control knob. 

Does a toaster oven consume a lot of energy?

No, it doesn’t. One of the perks and reasons to get a toaster oven is that its energy consumption is way lesser than a conventional electric oven, and it still functions just as the big oven would. Although the energy consumption voltages for toaster ovens differ based on different manufacturing companies, they are all averagely energy-saving and economical. 

Parting Thoughts

For homeowners after a compact, functional, and very low budget toaster oven, the above list is a guide to the best toaster ovens under $50 in 2022, all with the necessary details that you would require when considering the right choice. Feel free to cross-check each of them, and don’t forget that these are just a few of the many available. And once you finally get the one you desire, enjoy all the many dishes the little guy can help you prepare.