Every expert baker knows that getting the perfect baking pan is the sure way to make that healthy and well-rounded baked dish they need. However, it is easy to get low-quality pans of different varieties. On the other hand, studier pans are considerably difficult to find. Read on to discover the best meatloaf pan in 2022 for your next baking project.

Top Seven Meatloaf Pan Reviewed 2022

1. Pyrex Glass Loaf Dish

If you’re a meatloaf lover and are sure familiar with your kitchen tools, then Pyrex Easy is one brand you want to remember. This brand holds its reputation for producing durable, sturdy, and versatile cookware. With its smart build, it is no wonder the pan ranks first on our list today. 

The most outstanding feature of this model is its build, which is made of thick, non-porous glass. Thie non-porous nature of this glass makes it washable. Interestingly, unlike most metal pans that may stain and smell after use, this glass does not retain either. This feature makes the glass durable and long-lasting.

Furthermore, it comes with a protective silicone lid, which is BPA-free and non-toxic. This cover keeps the meatloaf safe from external factors like dirt and air. This way, your food stays fresh. With this cap, it also becomes possible to store your baked food in the freezer. 

The difference between this model and every other pan is the ergonomic handles it comes with. The handles are large and help you keep a grip on your baked food even when your dish is rather heavy. An added advantage of using this pan is that as a non-porous glass, it has a transparent design that makes it easy to watch the baking process. 

Although it is dishwasher safe, washing by hand is necessary. This is because the cap bends as you use it, especially at high temperatures. So, try using a clip to keep the pan airtight when baking. 


  • Made with a non-porous glass
  • Freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free and non-toxic cover
  • Large handles
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • The cap may warp and loosen over time. Try using a clip to keep the pan airtight.


This model comes with outstanding features like the BPA-free silicone lid and large handles that will make the baking process easy. 

2. Nordic Ware Naturals Loaf Pan

Unlike many traditional meatloaf pans prone to rusting and warping, this Nordic Ware Natural Meat Loaf model has a unique build that protects against rusting. In essence, it is durable and lasts longer than standard bakeware. The reason is that it is designed with galvanized steel rims that sit tightly on the pan and help prevent moisture from seeping into the pan and cause warping. This way, you do not fear your pan rusting. 

This model also has an unusual size and dimension that measures 11.5inches by 6-inches. It also has a dept of up to 3-inches. With these extra-large dimensions, you can make larger baked goods. The aluminum build of this ban also ensures that when baking, heat reaches evenly. The nonstick coating works similarly to the aluminum.

 One added perk of this model is that it comes with a punctured tray with grips at both sides that serves well as lifting support for your pan. This perforated tray allows the excess oil to drip from the meatloaf and gathers in the pan. However, because the lifting trivet fits perfectly in the pan, your meatloaf may still retain some excess fat. 


  • It comes with a lifting support
  • Made with 100% aluminum
  • Galvanized steel rims protect it from warping
  • As extra-large dimensions
  • Durable and long-lasting nonstick coating


  • Lifting support fits snugly and may end up making meatloaf retain excess fat


If you’re considered your pan warping, this cookware is one exceptional model that does not rust. Its galvanized steel rims prevent rusting by keeping water away. 

3. Rachael Ray Nonstick Loaf Pan

If you’re looking for the best pan to cook meatloaf in that has a sleek yet tough and unique design, then this model is for you. Rachel Ray Yum-O meatloaf pan is not only eye-catching but beat most top baking models in functionality. In terms of functionality, this pan comes with distinct silicone handles that are heat-resistant, durable, sturdy, and comes in three different colors of your choice (red, orange, and blue). The grips allow you to hold the pan steadily without having to burn your palms. 

Apart from this, this model has a robust and heavy-duty metal build, with a dimension of 9inch by 5inches. With this dimension, making a meatloaf for four to six guests becomes simpler. This model withstands a high temperature of about 500-degree Fahrenheit, and its interior has a nonstick coating. 

Notwithstanding these perks to the Racheal Ray meatloaf pan, it is necessary to note that this pan may be prone to rust. The reason is that the outer rims or edges are not fully sealed. Hence, water can easily get in. To avoid this, handwash, drain the edges of remnant water and dry before storing. 


  • Heat-resistant silicone grips
  • Heavy-duty metal build
  • Long-lasting interior nonstick coating
  • Can withstand high temperature up to 500°F
  • It can be used to make meatloaf for four to six persons


  • Can rust if water from the lip is not properly drained and dried after use


Unlike many cookware with sleek designs and no working power, this model drives high functionality with the unique features that come with the pan. 

4. MontoPack Mini Disposable Loaf Pans

If you will need a recyclable pan for a party and do not feel like using paper plates, this model will help you prevent spills and is durable. This MontoPack 100-Pack of Super-Thick Aluminum Mini Loaf Baking Pan is made with sturdy and thick food-grade aluminum. To help prevents spilling, this model has long sides of about 2-inches. 

Added to this, the pan has great heat conductivity and is oven-safe, as it can withstanding heat up to 45-degree Fahrenheit. This pan is great for any camping trip as it is large enough to also serve as a camping spot. 

The highest perks of using this model are that it is recyclable. After use, if you don’t feel like using it, simply dispose of them in the trash can. 


  • It comes in a set of 100 disposable pans
  • It has a sturdy and compact design
  • Made with thick food-grade aluminum
  • It has a lengthy side up to 2-inches
  • Recyclable


  • It does not come with a protective BPA-free or non-toxic lid


The extra-thick aluminum build ensures that you can use this model as a cooking pot during camping. So, if you’re going camping, take your meatloaf pan and discard cooking pots. 

5. Wilton Premium Non-Stick Pan Set

Our fifth pick for today on the best meatloaf pan to make your tasty dish will be on the Wilton Perfect Results Premium Non-Stick Bakeware. This pan has a nonstick surface that measures 9inches in length by 5inches in width. This model is made from a sturdy steel material and has large grips to the sides. 

However, the remarkable feature of this pan is that it is large enough to cook for any family gathering. This is because it comes in a pair; the meatloaf pan itself and an additional perforated pan that fits the pan’s interior. When you bake, the oil from the meatloaf drains through the hole into the basic pan. After the oil finishes draining, all you need to do is take the meatloaf out of the pan. 

Remarkably, this model serves as a versatile tool as you can even use it as a donut pan. While you can use the main pan for bread making and cook tasty dishes like pasta and muffins, the perforated pan can help make other baked foods. But, you would have to be careful when baking because the nonstick coating is likely to chip off when used roughly, even though it is dishwasher safe. The best way to handle this pan is to avoid hard scrubbing the surface with a scouring pad. 


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Big enough to feed a large family
  • It comes in a set of two
  • Large grips
  • Robust steel build


  • Nonstick coating mat chip off when scrubbed roughly


With the two-set pan from this model, you can make as much meatloaf as you want to feed a large crowd. 

6. Farberware Baking Loaf Pan Set

If you are looking for large bakeware to host family gatherings or parties, this his large family-sized cookware Farberware will help you prepare the number of baked foods you want. 

This model is made from high-quality steel and has sealed and rolled up edges that resist moisture and prevents rusting. Included in this model are the sturdy handles that help you get a good grip on the cookware. Added to this fact, this model comes in a set, each designed to regulate heat efficiently on your dish and capable of holding baked foods for more than four persons. 

However, this model is not dishwasher safe even though it is easy to clean as its nonstick coating makes food easily slide off.


  • It comes in a two-set pan
  • Heavy-gauge sealed rims
  • Durable coating
  • Evenly distributes heat when baking
  • Study handles for perfect grip


  • It is not dishwasher safe and can damage easily


This model does not easily rust and can hold food for more than four persons. 

7. Ecolution Bakeins Cookware

To round up our model reviews is a bakeware set from Ecolution Bakeins. This model has a construct comparable to a bread pan. When the meatloaf heats, the excess oil tends to sink to the base leaving your baked food healthier. Well, this might sound like your meatloaf will have a high-calorie level. But, this is not so because this model has a perforated interior that allows the fat to drain out. 

When you finish baking your meatloaf, all you need to do is lift the perforated interior using the long handles at both sides of the pan. You will observe that even after taking out the meatloaf, the fat remains at the base of your pan. Fortunately, this model is made from a high-quality carbon steel material. Hence, you do not have to fear burning your hands. This material is BPA, FOA, and PTFE free. 

The downside of this model is that after taking out your baked food, some of it will get stuck on the perforated tray. This makes cleaning the pan tasking. The good news is that this Ecolution Bakeins cookware is dishwasher safe. You can even use this saucepan pan in making candy. 


  • The carbon steel material is BPA, FOA, and PTFE free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It has a pan set with the perforated insert included
  • Functional grips


  • It can be difficult to clean


If you fear eating food with high-calorie levels, this model will keep your food healthier by including the perforated trays. 

Buying Guide – Pan Materials

If you are considering buying a meatloaf pan for baking, there are certain things you will need to know, like the materials that work exceptionally for your baked food and the features good bakeware should have. Read on to gain more insight on the essentials your pan should have. 

Materials Used in making Meatloaf Pan

In making meatloaf pans, various materials are put into consideration. This is because the type of pan you use will determine if the result looks appealing and healthy. Some standard bakeware many people use in making meatloaves include:

  • Aluminum: This type of material is usually low-priced as it does not meet the high-quality and hard-wearing standards of other builds like stainless steel. However, its focal point is that it allows even distribution of heat on your batter to edible the end product. 
  • Cast iron: Using cast irons to produce meatloaf pans makes them resilient as they last longer and are sturdy. Added to this, it allows your food to heat up evenly. However, one downside associated with cast irons is that they are usually hefty. 
  • Ceramic: This is one object many bakers prefer not to use because they damage when hit on a hard surface. However, they are flexible and heats your food well. 
  • Glass: the glass used for making meatloaf pans are usually non-porous, and because of this, many people assume that it does not break. The truth is that if dropped on a hard surface, they can smash. But, it depends on the amount of strength used. Apart from this, it heats up slower than other pans, breaking the glass. To avoid this, make sure to use ovenproof glass to lessen the possibility of your glass smashing. For non-yeasted bread, this pan works wonders. 
  • Stainless steel: If you need a low-maintenance pan, this will be your go-to. While you do not have to put much effort into maintaining it, it is still durable. 
  • Silicone: This is one of the best pans to use as it is robust, has a flexible material, easy to clean, and durable. Apart from this, it works efficiently when used in the freezer, oven, microwave, and oven stove. You can also use this pan to make bread dishes. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Meatloaf Pans

While many bakers think getting a meatloaf pan is easy as every material looks pretty much the same, selecting the perfect bakeware can be difficult and confusing. After getting my meatloaf pan for the second time, I realized that it was not just about the appealing and shiny exterior (because that was my utmost priority at that time). The goal is to get cookware that will last longer and heat my dishes evenly without causing harm to my health. Here’s the deal, flashy pans do not always work well, and every cookware serves different purposes. So, what should you look out for? 

You will need to consider important factors like the size of the pan, the material used in its construction, additional accessories, and even the price. After carrying out thorough research on these factors, I take on the various factors to consider when buying your pan. 

Size Matters

Meatloaf pan size varies according to use. If you want to get one, ensure that you carefully consider the meatloaf size you would bake. Loaf pans usually range between 9 x 5 x 3 inches. If you do not get the size you work, a basic pan is also a good choice for various sizes of baked foods. However, for large family gatherings, it is best to get a larger size because the batter will demand specific recipes only the large pan can hold. If you get a smaller one, the batter may end up spilling or forming an unusual shape. 

The Materials

Baking pans are made from various materials like stainless steel, ceramics, cast iron, aluminum, glass, and silicone, and you can even use them to make quality crepe pans. Typically, glass models tend to look appealing and attractive than other types. However, they also have a surprising downside. It is best to go for durable pans made from aluminum and stainless steel. One other thing to look out for in any pan material is if it has nonstick finishing. 

If you’ve ever scrubbed burnt food from a pot, you understand how difficult it can be to get the residue off your steel. This is where a nonstick finishing comes in. This feature allows your baked food to detach from the pan. 

Furthermore, check if the loaf pan you are considering is dishwasher-safe. This is because not every material works well in a dishwashing machine. 


Cost is one factor that affects almost every aspect of life, even when cooking. Most loaf pans are affordable and can fit your budget. On the other hand, some are slightly overpriced and may not meet the cash range. This type of cookware is usually from big brand names. Before Getting your bakeware, check if your budget matches the pan, you may need. 


Before choosing your pan, note that some of them do not last long and can damage easily. So, make durability a major part of your checklist. Some cookware has a considerable long shelf life. On the other hand, 

Once you have chosen the perfect meatloaf pan, you will want it to last as long as possible. The warranty generally reflects the durability of the model. Some pans come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty, while the warranty on other models is just one or two years.

Additional Features

Aside from knowing the size, price, durability, and the material of the pan you will need, there are other features that you will need to look out for. These features include:

  • The Handles: When baking, your cookware may get pretty heated due to the high temperature. Likewise, it could also become heavy, and you would need something to support your hands. This support is what we call “the handle.” The right cookware should come with handles that will ensure you have a strong grip on the bakeware, and they should also be heat resistant. 
  • Protective Covering: after baking, you may need to cover your baked food to keep it airtight and prevent dirt from entering the food. Most times, there may even be leftovers, and you may want to refrigerate or freeze them. However, if the pan does not come with a protective lid, it becomes difficult to cover your baked products. It is best to get a pan with a protective cap because it keeps your food safe and lasts longer. 
  • Perforated Inserts: If you are on a weight loss plan, this accessory is one thing you do not want to miss because they help drain the excess fat from your baked food through the punctured holes in them. 


What size meatloaf pan should I go for? 

The size of your bakeware will depend solely on occasion you wish to use it for. If you intend to use it for a large gathering or party, it is best to go for large-sized meatloaf pans. If it is for just a few people, then medium or basic cookware will be a great choice. That said, basic meatloaf pans usually range between 9 x 5 x 3 inches.

Is the lid necessary? I don’t like covering my baked food?

Keeping unwanted particles from entering your food is an utmost necessity because it keeps you safe and healthy. Hence, it is necessary to get bakeware with a protective lid. However, if you do not like covering your food, there is cookware that does not come with lids and will serve well for you. 

I like using the excess oil from my meatloaf to make other dishes. Do I need to throw it away? 

No, throwing the excess fat is unnecessary as you can use it to make other baked products. Simple get a meatloaf pan with a drainer and save the oil from your meatloaf to use it again. 

My bread didn’t heat evenly. Did I do anything wrong? 

There are various reasons why your loaf will not heat well. It could be that your pan is too large or smaller. Do, it could not sufficiently make up for the recipe used in making the loaf. On the other hand, there could be a glitch in your oven. Try using a thermometer to check if your oven temperature is how it should be. 

Can I make any other baked food with my meatloaf pan? 

Absolutely! Meatloaf pans are versatile. Hence, you can make numerous baked goods with them. For example, you could make a pound cake, baked ziti, lasagna, and crustless quiche. The fun part is when you use a small-sized pan. They work exceptionally for these dishes. 

Are there different models for bakeware? I need a brand different from the one I have now. 

Yes, bakeware varies with brands and models. Although they may all look similar, the difference exists in their quality. So, if you need a model different from the one you have tried checking in a store and you will get different models of your choice. But be sure to consider the build of the pan before making your choice. 


Meatloaf pans come with different specialties to give your desired masterpiece. However, there are various models in the market, and not all of them come with the needed accessory to make your baked fish. Some may look classy, but lack durability and others without this spark may work awesomely. Those from bid brand names may even exceed your budget. It means that you will need to understand your needs and consider various factors like size, durability, price, material, and accessories that will get you the best meatloaf pan you need.