Donuts are one of those desserts and tasty treats you would not want to miss at home. But, using a deep fryer can lessen its nutrients while rendering it unhealthy. Baking your donut in an oven while using a baking pan can give you that fluffy and healthy food you desire. Looking to get a baking pan to make your fresh, homemade donuts but do not know which model to choose? This article will help you make the right selection as we review the best donut pan in 2022.

Seven Donut Pan Reviewed 2022

1. HEHALI Silicone Donut Pan

Ranking top on our list is the Okslo donut pan. This bakeware comes with a silicone material that lasts long. This makes it one of the most durable donut bake pans ever! This pan is in high demand. So, if you do find one with a considerable cost, do not hesitate to get it!

You may think getting a pan with such a cost may not be worth the investment. You get an advantage when you buy this bakeware because you can make about six donuts using this tool. Interestingly, even the donut size you make with this pan may be larger than normal, with a diameter of about 3-inch. 

Interesting right? There’s more! Even with its large size, the pan is nonstick. Hence, it will be easy for you to clean after use. However, ensure that you do not use on high temperature. It may cause your dough to stick. 


  • Made from premium silicone
  • Has protective nonstick layers
  • Can make about six donuts at a time
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Can make large donuts of about 3inch


  • Slightly pricey
  • It can easily damage when placed on high pressure


This pan can be a huge investment for you if you bake for profit, as its large size makes it possible for you to make bigger donuts. 

2. Wilton Non-Stick Donut Baking Pans

If you are looking for a Stainless Steel Donut Pan, then this kitchen assistant and cookware is the next best gear for you. This high-quality stainless-steel material will help you make the perfect-sized donuts of 3.25-inch in diameter.

Unlike most pans that can make less than six donuts simultaneously, the Wilton Non-stick donut pan can make up to twelve donuts at once. It comes with two pans, each with six cavities to make your tasty treat. With the pan, you get to make the perfect-sized and round-shaped donuts. Even the donut holes are set to give the dessert an attractive appearance. 

The best part is that it is stick-free. Hence, you can transfer the donut as well as properly clean it. This Wilton donut pan has a simple design and is dishwasher-safe. But, you would want to wash them yourself to make them last longer. 


  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • You can easily make up to a dozen donut with this pan
  • It has a nonstick coating that makes it easy to clean
  • It has a perfectly designed donut hole to give the desired shape


  • With its 3.25 inches in diameter, the donut size you make with this pan is typically smaller than most


This pan ensures you save time as you can easily bake about twelve donuts at a time. 

3. BAKHUK 3-Pack Silicone Donut Pan

Third on our list is the 3-Pack Silicone Non-Toxic donut pan. As the name implies, this pan comes in three-set, each with six holds for your donut. In essence, you’ve got enough space to make more donuts! That’s not the fun part. This 3-Pack Silicone non-toxic steel has different colors each, making it look vibrant and classy. If you are a fan of bright colors, you get a mixture of both blue, orange, and pink at the same price as one pan. 

That’s not all! The silicone material means it is flexible and stick-free. Hence, you can either use it in a microwave, freezer, or even oven. Its flexible nature also makes it easy for you to fold them before storage, and you can even get the donut out without the dough sticking on your pan. Added to this fact, this model gives you a standard-sized donut with 3-inches in diameter. 

This piece is also non-toxic and BPA-free. So, you do not have to worry about eating unhealthy donuts. Apart from this, this model is durable and yet sturdy. 


  • BPA and stick-free
  • Comes in three sets and can make about 18 donuts at a time
  • Can use this gear in a fridge, microwave, and oven
  • Its flexible nature makes it easy to store
  • Can make a standard-sized donut about 3-inches in diameter


  • Its silicone material can discolor and stain your oven
  • Even though it is stick-free, there is a high probability of food still sticking to the pan


This piece is versatile as not only can you use it in your oven, but it also serves as a functional tool in your microwave and freezer.

4. Wappa Professional Grade Donut Pan

Going forward, we have the Wappa Professional Large Donut Pan ranking fourth on our list. With its diameter of 3.5 inches, this piece can make large donuts for any occasion. Made from a BPA-free silicone material, this pan will not leave any residue on your oven, nor will it be tough to clean. That’s not the fun part. 

The fascinating feature of this piece is that it has deep indentions of about 9cm that will give you the right shape donuts. With this model, you can bake about nine donuts at a time. Moreover, it is a versatile tool to make donuts and cookies, muffins, and other baked foods, like meatloaf.

This Wappa Professional Donut Pan is oven safe. In essence, it is heat resistant, and you can use it in the microwave or oven. It is easy to clean. All you need to do is soak in lukewarm water for some minutes before washing. 


  • Can make large donuts
  • Has large cavities of about 9cm
  • It has a BPA-free silicone material that makes the baked food healthy
  • Can bake up to nine donuts at once
  • A versatile tool for making many baked foods


  • Although it is stick-free, you will need to grease the pan to avoid sticky doughs
  • Requires a baking sheet for additional support to avoid spilling


A high-quality and versatile model that helps you bake many foods and also capable of baking high batches at a time. 

5. CHEFMADE Donut Mold Cake Pan

If you are tired of getting pans in sets but need a piece to make higher batches at a go for you, this model will be the perfect go-to. Unlike most models that come in different sets, the Chef Made Donut Mold Pan comes in a single piece and can make up to twelve donuts at a time. With this model, you do not have to worry about setting up multiple pans. 

It has a nonstick, chemical, and toxin-free coating. Apart from this, it has a sturdy build as it is made from a reliable, strong, and thick metal material. However, it can easily damage the edge. This is why its edges are reinforced to prevent marring. Added to this, this piece is easy to use and clean after use. 


  • It has a single pan
  • Can make up to twelve donuts at a go
  • It has a chemical and toxin-free nonstick coating
  • It has a durable and sturdy build as it is made from commercial steel


  • The single pan means that the donuts will come out smaller than usual
  • Can be difficult to clean


This Chef Made Donut Mold Pan will save you time as it has a single pan but with many cavities that will provide a higher batched of baked food at a go. 

6. Norpro Nonstick Mini Donut Pan

Are you looking for a mini donut pan for your kitchen? This Norpro Nonstick model will be a great option for you. With this pan, you can bake about twelve donuts at a time. However, your donut size will only range at 2-inches in diameter. Aside from this, the pan is nonstick and will be easy to use and clean. This piece’s winning feature is that it is made with high-quality and sturdy material and oven safe. 

If you choose to buy this pan, you would want to know that it is not compatible with your dishwasher. So, ensure that you wash with your hands. 


  • Made with high-quality and durable materials
  • It can make about twelve mini donuts
  • Donuts size range about 2 inches in diameter
  • Convenient to use
  • Oven safe


  • The pan is considerably smaller than usual
  • It does not work well in a dishwasher


If you consider a home-use donut pan, this Norpro Mini Non-stick Pan can give you a tasty treat while making as much as twelve donuts at once. 

7. Wilton Copper Doughnut Hole Pan

A donut pan that can also serve as the best broiler pan is the Wilton Copper Donut Hole Pan. Unlike most bakeware that simply makes common donuts, this makes mouthwatering donut holes that look like tiny round balls that you can just pop into the mouth once. However, its small size may not entice many customers. But the truth is that this model has lots of focal points. 

One of its distinctive features is that it is made from a copper stick-free pan. So, you do not have to bother about greasing its surface. Added to this, you get to make twenty pieces of donut holes at a time. 


  • Made from nonstick copper material
  • Can make up to twenty pieces of donut holes
  • Easy to care for


  • Considering that the holes are small, the size of the pan is overly large


Not many pans can make these tiny-sized donut holes. So, if you are looking for a faster method to make donuts, go for this model as its small size will make it heat quickly. 

Buying Guide – Factors to Consider Before Selecting Your Donut Pan

When it comes to selecting your donut pan, the key feature you should look for is its ability to function conveniently. You will want to consider its lifespan, material type if it is dishwasher safe or stick-free. Apart from this, many people wonder why they should buy donut pans when they can simply make these baked goods using a deep-fryer. If you’re also of this opinion, let’s find out why you should get a donut pan rather than a deep-fry. 

Why Buy A Donut Pan Instead of Deep Fryer? 

Making your donuts using a deep fryer or donut pan works wonders either way you choose. Notwithstanding, there are many benefits when you bake donuts ad opposed to frying in hot oil. Some of the perks include: 

1. Easy to bake and less messy

If you’ve ever used a deep-fryer, you know that frying in hot oil can leave your environment in a messy state. The hot oil splatters on hard surfaces, which can be difficult to clean. However, baking in a pan means that there will be no oil on your surfaces, leaving you with an easy-to-clean environment. 

2. Healthier than frying

Whether baked or fried, the donut is simply an indulgence but can be rather harmful when fried. This is because of the high cholesterol levels in your oil. On the other hand, baking does not necessarily require mixing the donut batter in high cholesterol grease. 

3. Simple technique

Unlike deep-fried foods that require skilled techniques, such as rolling, shaping, and turning of the dough, baking with your donut pan does not require this step. All you need to do is to make the dough, scoop it into the pan, and heat. 

4. Drives Versatility

One amazing benefit of buying baking pans is that you do not just use them for donuts alone. They can also serve many baking needs in the kitchen. 

5. East to store

Unlike fryers, mostly bulky and take up huge space, donut pans are smaller and convenient to use. If you have a considerably smaller kitchen, then you would want to get a donut pan. 

6. Consistency

Another interesting benefit of buying a donut pan is that the donuts always come out evenly cooked. This is because the oven makes it easy to monitor the baking time than when deep-fried. When you use fryers, your baked goods are not always evenly cooked, and this can alter the taste of your donuts. 

7. Higher batches

With a deep fryer, you fry lesser amounts of donuts. However, a baking pan allows you to make higher volumes and batches of your tasty donut. 

8. Low cost

The most appealing facet of getting your donut pan is its less-priced monetary value. In essence, they are usually inexpensive. If your budget is limited, try a donut pan. They are cheaper and can be easily replaced when damaged. 

Choosing the Right Pan

Selecting the perfect bakeware can be slightly tricky because they come in different variations and models. To choose a donut pan, there are a few things to consider before shopping. These tips will help you make informed decisions while considering your needs. But before this, how do you know the right pan to use? The best cookware should be durable and made with a nonstick material. Aside from this, when selecting your baking pan, consider the following. 


If you aim for a successful donut-baking, one thing is certain, you do not only need the perfect recipe, but the bakeware you choose matters a great deal. Kitchen cookware comes in silicone and metal or steel materials, and both materials also work exceptionally as cookware for glass top stoves. 

Metal pans are nonstick, durable, and sturdy. In essence, they do not bend or flex. This quality makes it easy for you to pour your batter without fear of it spilling from the pan. In addition to this, its nonstick feature makes the pan relatively easy to clean. But, you would want to employ hand washed method to care for this bakeware. Although they are dishwasher safe, not using your hands to wash them can cause rusting, or the coating may chip off. 

On the other hand, silicone pans are nonstick, meaning they do not require coating and are stick-free. This bakeware is flexible and ultralight compared to steel. The fun thing about silicone bakeware is that you can use it both in ovens, freezer, microwave, and even air fryers. But, make sure they are 100% silicone. One limiting factor of using this pan is that you may still require a solid cookie pan or sheet to transfer your silicone bakeware from the oven and prevent it from spilling, even as a versatile tool. 

Each of this bakeware is exceptional in its way. But, make sure to go for one that will make baking easy for you. Aside from choosing either silicone or steel bakeware, the right bakeware will come with nonstick cavities. These cavities will make it easy to remove the heated dough without them breaking apart. Notwithstanding, whichever one you select, ensure that you lightly grease the bakeware for nonstick effects. 


After selecting the type of material that will care for your baking needs, the next thing to check if they are durable. Simply picking any type of pan you want is easy. But, you would want to consider the cost and pick something that will last longer without rusting, falling apart, or losing its coating. If you do not know which of the materials will last longer, try checking other customers’ reviews on the same product. 

The right size

Although donuts appear to come in one size, this is not the case as there are variations to the size of a donut. To get the size you desire, go for the right-sized pan. Alternatively, go for one that can make about six to twenty-four pieces. This way, you get to make different sizes at once. Additionally, ensure that you measure the interior part of your oven before getting a pan. It will help you choose the exact size you need.

Non-Stick Coating

After checking for the size of your pan, make sure to check if it has a stick-free surface. When your pan has a nonstick coating or surface, it becomes easier to remove your baked food from the donut holes. Likewise, cleaning the pan becomes easy. The good news is that both silicone and metal donut pans are stick-free. 

Dishwasher Safe

Most baking pans get damaged due to their resistance to the dishwasher. But, many people do not know this fact because they only want to bake and do not care if any damage happens to the bakeware. Thankfully, silicone bakeware is dishwasher safe, unlike metal pans, which do not wash work in a dishwasher. However, some metal steels are dishwasher safe but will need to be hand-washed to protect the edges and covering. 


Many baking pan models come with handy features and accessories that will make them easy to bake. The donut pans are no different. If you’ve got a small and full kitchen, try going for a pan that has handy accessories like piping bags and a spatula. 


I always thought donuts are mostly fried, not baked. 

Technically, many people fry donuts in hot oil. But, this is not the only means to make your donuts. Using an oven and baking pan makes it easier to get that perfect round shape your aim for. Moreover, baking ensures a clean environment compared to frying as it leaves your surfaces greasy, sticky and messy. 

Why does my donut keep sticking to the pan? Am I doing anything wrong? 

When a donut sticks to the pan, it may happen for various reasons. One such reason is when you bake at a high temperature. A nonstick baking pan does not favor high heat. Hence, doing so can cause your dough to stick. On the other hand, many people use cooking sprays on their baked goods. The truth is that cooking sprays can damage the pan’s coating. So, you want to avoid using this method. 

Another reason your donut may stick is when you do not wash or clean the pan. Aside from this, many pans come with care instructions. So, check the instructions because most times, the type of pan may require that you grease before baking. But, make sure to avoid oils as they have high cholesterol levels. Instead, use other days like butter. 

Why do most people spell doughnuts instead of donuts? 

Both mean the same thing (your sugary and tasty treats ‘donuts’). However, the doughnut is the British spelling of donut (the Americanized version). So, no matter the spelling, the donuts will still have the same shape and serve dessert. 

Can I bake anything else with my donut pan? 

Yes, donut pans are versatile baking tools and will make it easy to make food of different types. Aside from donuts, this pan serves as a creative way to bake various fresh and tasty treats. For instance, you can make muffins, cakes, and even cookies with your donut pan. 

Is it safe to use silicon pans? 

Absolutely! Many silicone pans are BPA-free and do not have any toxic or chemical residuals on them. Bakeware made from a high-quality silicone material will not discolor, nor will it emit a bad odor when used. Even the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves silicone pans as food-safe since they can be used at about 500-degree Fahrenheit.

How do I fill my donut pan to prevent the batter from spilling?

It’s easy. Simply turn the batter to the top. But, make sure to leave the room to not overflow from the well when the donut rises. The best way to avoid spilling is to use a piping bag. 

Is it necessary to grease silicone donut pans before baking? 

Technically, it is not a must to grease silicone bakeware. But, some silicone donut pans will require that you oil the surface before use. To know if the pan you choose should be greased, read the care instructions from the specific brand.


You can simply make your donut by frying in hot oil or baking. But, baking is more convenient as you use donut pans that keep the environment clean, are inexpensive, healthy, versatile, simple to use, and produce large batches at once. Despite this, getting the best donut pan in 2022 can be tricky as various options are available in the market. To make the right choice, go for durable and the right size for your baking needs.