Man, a burger sounds really good right about now… Whether a meat-loving keto head or a totally vegged-out vegan, burgers have an established place in our American hearts. This review article will help you end your search for the best burger press with a juicy victory. Read on to see our Buying Guide and FAQ to really hone in on what style and features will make your weeknight burger cravings totally doable at home (making life easier on your wallet and calorie quota with a home-cooked meal!).

Top 10 Burger Press in 2022

Victoria Cast Iron Multi-Purpose Press

Right off the bat, we’re looking at a one-of-a-kind press worth trying immediately. Reviewers love how fast and delicious their patties cook when pressed with this device. The cast iron is unique because not only does it come ready to use (aka “pre-seasoned), but it is kosher certified. The company used 100% non-gmo flaxseed oil in the pre-seasoning process, which is overall healthier for all and particularly valuable to those seeking to remain kosher on all accounts. 


  • Pre-seasoned cast iron, using 100% non-gmo flaxseed oil
  • Ergonomic wooden handle
  • Basic shape works great and is easy to clean


  • Some find it doesn’t work well as a multi-purpose tool for flatbreads and roti, which may be disappointing if you’re on the market for a multi-purpose tool
  • Could be heavier for slightly more efficient pressing, according to reviewers


With a little cast-iron maintenance, this device is long-lasting and simply excellent for most home chefs. It is especially valuable to those who are interested in a safer/healthier alternative to classic cast-iron seasoning oils and/or are concerned with this detail for the sake of their kosher lifestyle. 

The Burger Iron Burger Smasher

The Burger Iron was created to give the weeknight burger lover that delicious seal’n’crust experience we crave from the diner. This simple device is making the rounds in meat (or veg-patty) loving homes across the nation. 


  • Smooth and polished stainless steel makes for an even sear without texture from the device
  • Works great for making the classic “smashburger” patty style from delis and diners
  • Made by a proud-to-be-American company (out of Tennessee)


  • The handle material isn’t very friendly to hands covered in meat (if handling the raw meat and smasher at the same time)
  • Some love the lightweight characteristic, but others are frustrated it doesn’t suit other meat-making desires that require a heavyweight to press into the grill
  • Stainless steel is durable and long-lasting but not a nonstick utensil required by those who make fat-free options


The Burger Press has its place as exactly what the name implies—pressing burgers—but not much else. It is easy to handle in the sense that it is lightweight and of long-lasting material but not super multifunctional (as a meat-weight, etc.).

Beymill Hamburger Press

Wow, if there was ever a perfect gift for burger enthusiasts, this is IT! The Beymill 3-in-1 Patty Maker has the ability to make stuffed patties (large or small) or the basic sandwich patty. Reviewers are raving about their new recipe discoveries as they explore the multifunctions of this burger press. 


  • Many pieces so you have lots of options
  • Makes small stuffed patties, great for slider-size or smaller portions
  • Makes large stuffed patties, great for big eaters and fun family burger nights
  • Makes basic sandwich patties, great for the everyday meal and leftovers
  • Nonstick coating is easy to clean and dishwasher safe


  • Nonstick coating is made of basic teflon, which works great but isn’t particularly eco or health friendly
  • Some do not enjoy the overall size, saying the “large” patty is still pretty average


Those who love patties and hate getting their hands dirty will love having a device that can be filled and release their patty with minimal hand-mess. It may not be the largest press, but the variety of styles and sizes is great for the basic chef. For most, this is potentially the best burger press. 

Pro Grade Burger Press

The Pro Grade cast iron press is really awesome for grill enthusiasts. There is something insane that happens to meat patties when they are pressed with a hardcore cast ironed weighted press. Meat lovers who try it can never go back to grilling steaks and hamburger patties without one! 


  • Rectangular shape is very multifunctional, great for a variety of meats or veggies on the grill or grill pan
  • It’s a large rectangle shape, which is valuable for larger items like paninis or quesadillas
  • Made to commercial standards and highly durable
  • Cast iron gives a cook a classic hearty recipe result


  • The company does not report what was used to pre-season, and it may not be kosher
  • Wooden handle is not preferred by some users who feel another material may be more sanitary; however, some feel the natural eco-friendly wood handle is preferred
  • The large size may be too big for home chefs with smaller pans


This burger press will get’er’done when it comes to grilling. However, based on the size and weight, the average home cooking burger and veggie cooker may find this device overbearing. 

Pure Grill Burger Press

What a unique design to add to your cookware collection! This device is fantastic for those who like order and organization. The round meat (or veggie) patty holder is a good size for the average burger goal. All one has to do is add your mix, then press down with the separate top section. Then, you can easily pop out the perfectly shaped patty and cook, all without getting your hands messy.


  • Simple, circular shape and easy to use design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Keep hands clean


  • Large burger fans are not super excited about this press, which makes average size patties (and does not adjust for other sizes)
  • Aluminum design is lightweight, but some users say it’s too light as a press when cooking


If you aren’t looking for something too fancy, don’t need the cutting edge cast-iron weight, and like to keep your hands clean, then this is the perfect press for you. If any of those points matter to your burger-cooking style, look elsewhere. 

Eazy2hD Griddle Accessories Kit

Eazy2HD Griddle Kit is truly the easiest thing to use on the market. The cheese melting dome lid seems a little bizarre at first, but once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back. The press in this kit is a good weight to have the obvious benefit without being too much to handle. 


  • Good size for single-person homes or small recipes
  • Cast-iron is pre seasoned
  • Cheese melting dome is an understated plus


  • Not labeled as kosher pre-seasoning, so be sure to contact the seller if this matters to you
  • Some reviewers claim the handle on the top is cheaply made and not as quality as the rest of the set


If you are a cheese lover, panini maker, or anything else that might benefit from enclosed cooking (i.e., wokked vegetable stir fries!), then the dome accessory in this kit is something worth experiencing. If you’d rather have multi-features, look elsewhere. If you mostly grill, consider the size; this may be too small. Or, if you mostly cook inside and want that grilled feel, you’re in the right place!

Gourmeo Burger Press and Patty Maker

Wow, what a well-crafted piece of cooking-ware! Another multi functional tool, the Gourmeo Burger Press, is actually three in one phenomenon in home chef’s kitchens. You can make basic standard patties, smashburgers like at the diner, or stuffed burgers with equal ease. The pieces come separately so that you can keep the dirty dishes to a minimum.  


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Bpa free nonstick material makes for easy cleanup and a healthier cooking experience
  • Durable, professional grade design and materials


  • Some are not fans of the nonstick (yes, it’s bpa free, but there are other chemicals of concern in the nonstick coating). However, other home chefs say the nonstick is their favorite feature!
  • Not the easiest device at the burger patty removal step, according to several reviews


This is an economically friendly multi purpose tool. For chefs who love dishwashing and minimizing their cleaning time, the nonstick + dishwasher safe qualities are huge. 

HIC Bacon Press

Ok, we know a burger isn’t in the name of this one, but reviewers say it’s great for patties and plenty of other uses! Plus, #thatpigthough. A fun and unique design feature (a pig!) is ingrained in this press, resulting in a fun branding experience on the grill. (Note: not the gift for the vegans in your life!)


  • Super fun design
  • Fantastic for a variety of meat uses from steak to cheeseburgers to bacon
  • Scratch resistant
  • Cast iron
  • Wood handle stays cool even when pressing at high temperatures


  • Some users claim it rusts easily, while others blame those reviewers for not knowing how to care for cast iron
  • Will require regular upkeep (see above) called seasoning; see faq for details on this


The HIC press is definitely a fun gift for meat-making enthusiasts and grill guys and gals. In particular, it is unique for the branding experience with its pig design. 

Meykers Burger Press

The Meykers burger press is great for the home chef wanting a simple, inexpensive option for making patties of all types with the east. The interior is nonstick for easy removal after the pressing and easier use while pressing in the pan or on the grill. 


  • Nonstick is easier to clean
  • Decently easy to remove the patty after shaping
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, so no real worry about trying it out!


  • May be too small for some home chefs
  • May not be as multi-purpose as some other presses on the market
  • Tends to rust and not easy to keep for lengthy use


Mekyers will make your burger night easy, and clean up’s a charm. However, with use, the finish seems to be less durable than other options on the market. For avid, regular patty making, you may want to look elsewhere. For the occasional usage, this is great. 

Bellemain Burger Press

The Bellemain Burger Press is a hardcore press device. This one is definitely unique because it’s main function is simply the shaping of the patty. As in, there is no separate piece to then take over to the grill and literally press the burger for flavor purposes. However, as it is built to be awesome at what it does, more shaping features are available in this device than most. 


  • You can choose the thickness of the patty from ¼” to 1 ½”
  • Patty diameter is a nice average 4 ½”
  • Nonstick for easy, efficient patty removal


  • This is designed to be super easy to use but not necessarily easy to clean
  • Some find it delightful to be able to change the thickness; others feel the lack of diameter options to be subpar


If your biggest interest in a “press” is shaping, this could be your gadget. In particular, if you’re a fan of the option for various thicknesses, there aren’t many other presses you’ll find as helpful as this one. It’s also valuable for other uses like falafel and plant based burgers. 

Buying Guide

What’s the deal with burger presses? What should you consider when searching for the best burger press? What are the most important things to keep in mind when choosing your preferred option? Check out our top tips to guide your choice. 

1. Consider Other Uses

Burger presses are really useful for so many other things, depending on the shape. You may make paninis and quesadillas just as often as burgers. In that case, choose one with a size and weight that can frequently work to your benefit (you may as well get the most use out of your purchase as possible!). 

2. Cast Iron or Nonstick

Consider whether you want more of a “classic” material, i.e., cast iron or nonstick. If nonstick is your jam, consider if eco/health-friendliness is a concern. There are definitely presses made with safer nonstick, and some made with the basic teflon coating many folks find perfectly suitable. Cast iron will give heavier weight to the press, which may be required depending on the purpose of your pressing needs. 

3. Hold it right there!

What kind of handle do you need? You want one that is crafted to stay cool despite being used on hot ingredients (and potentially over open heat, such as on a grill). Make sure the handle is a design that seems easy for you to grasp and maneuver. 

4. Kosher?

Please note that some cast iron seasoning methods are not kosher for those who care about the kosher dietary guidelines. The process of seasoning a cast iron item involves burning fat or oil on the iron, creating a natural nonstick coating that doubles as a protective layer against rust. Obviously, you can imagine where this may pose a problem for the kosher individual, who may very well need to ensure pig fat or other similar oils were not used on your burger press. 

 If you are kosher and looking for the best burger press available, and leaning toward a cast iron option, take note: is this device pre-seasoned? If it is, research what oil and/or method was used to accomplish this feature. If you don’t see the answers listed, contact the company or item seller. They will be happy to share this information with you so you can choose that fits your religious and/or dietary lifestyle. 


Let’s answer a few common questions so you can feel confident you’re getting the best hamburger patty maker:

Why so many cast iron options?

  • Cast iron is a hardcore classic in kitchens around the world
  • It is valued for its extremely durable, long lasting character
  • There is no other device that provides the unique experience of a cast iron skillet or other kitchen device; the material holds heat perfectly for nearly any recipe and provides a texture and depth to your dish
  • Handles high heat super well, thus making it the preferred choice for those who want the option for oven or grill cooking in their cast iron pan

What’s the deal with “pre-seasoned”/”seasoning” cast iron? 

  • Cast iron, for all its wonderfulness, is not your average nonstick by any means. In fact, if you don’t regularly maintain the cast iron on your press, expect rust and a sticky hard-to-clean mess. 
  • On the other hand, if you get in the habit of regularly seasoning the press or patty shaper, it will be around for longer than the rest of your kitchen devices, and more faithful too!
  • The process of seasoning a cast iron device is called polymerization. It involves baking oil into the pan under heat, such as in your oven.
  • When properly seasoned, a cast iron pan will work better than any nonstick you can purchase. The polymerization process is a natural nonstick coating and a bonus: you can choose an oil that is very nontoxic and eco friendly.
  • It is not particularly light. However, most find it’s easy enough to handle, depending more on the company’s unique craftsmanship, which made your kitchen device. 

Is it possible to return a non-kosher pre-seasoned cast iron item to a kosher state?

The consensus is yes, but it is a process that you’ll want to research and ensure you do correctly from start to finish. The first step “would require kashering at an extremely high heat using libun gamur” (according to this article). The second step is immersion in mikva. Lastly, to be usable, you’ll need to re-season it. (Cast iron must be seasoned to become nonstick as well as prevent any kind of rust.) To season, best-loved options include a soy-based vegetable oil, or flax oil (which may have additional health benefits). 

What are the main, sought-after benefits of a burger press/maker? 

Burger/patty presses are loved for various reasons, but here is a shortlist to review. Consider which of these benefits you would be most interested in, and then formulate your research and decision based on those priorities: 

  • A press can help make uniform patties, either in diameter, thickness, or both. 
  • Some designs allow for stuffed burgers; if this is your goal, be sure to consider the size/size range your chosen stuffed burger maker can make. 
  • Reduced mess/increased sanitation. Some presses are designed to make the patty making and cooking process as hands-free as possible. 
  • Depending on the size, shape, and weight of your device, this can be as multifunctional as making quesadillas in one pan, paninis in another, and burgers on the grill all at the same time. For this point, the thing to consider is what else you’ll be using this device for and what features would cater to your unique range of recipe needs. 


The beef patty maker of your dreams may only be a few more minutes of thinking away. Use this guide and FAQ to discover the best of the best patty makers, whether you’re a meat-a-holic or a very veggie kind of person. Consider your personal needs (not just the general public’s standardized reviews) and choose your device based on people enjoying similar meals to yours.